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  1. You're not by any chance the girl in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging are you..? Feel free to lie
  2. Kennington in London. How about you? x
  3. Thanks for becoming my first "friend", ha! So, see you at King's?
  4. Hey, I thought I recognised your name! From the King's Freshers group on Facebook
  5. georgiagroome1102
    Haha, iwill try and pass it on! He's great though, pretty cool very funny and sweet...cringe for me!

    Year abroad will be great! Kind of hope somewhere that will come up for me! Very scared about the entire thing to be honest?.... Gonna drop you a text over the next few days

    Big love x
  6. Damn straight let's hook up miss g

    Papers I guess...woooohlalalala dammmmn girl you lucky. Hey if you ever meet the actor Trevor Eve tell him to give me a call and that I love him and always will. He may be in his sixties but...oh man he's hot lol.

    I'm kinda pissed off I'm not going to be doing full English, but Spanish with English is cool. So I'll learn to live with it. I get a year abroad and that. Are you going into halls or are you staying where you are? Where in Ldn are you exactly?

  7. hey. nice to see another king's english student x
  8. georgiagroome1102

    Haha! How did your dad find that out! We are hanging out and trying to keep it quiet, been going on for quite a while, but then were spotted at a friends club night and in the papers.... Pretty embarrassing.

    Yay so your coming to kings, I just firmed straight English because it's a better course than the English film, and my housemates told me they would loose respect for me if I didn't do the English course!, and at 3am last night, that hit a nerve so I just pressed the button!, hahah

    Drama school, cool! Give us a text with yo' number, and lets hook up pre September (just so its not awkward!!!) hahaha xxxx
  9. You are the luckiest little stinker in the worrrld.
    Yeaha. I'm going King's, to do Hispanic Studies with English since they rejected me for straight English, but I'm auditioning for drama school every year until I get in. Which I probably won't because I am **** at everything and will have to carry on working at topshop for the rest of my life.

    Oh yeah. My dad turned round and said you're on it with Rupert Grint? Yay? or Nay?
    ****in. wow.

    See u soon, drop us your number so I can bombard u with texts

  10. georgiagroome1102
    hola, i think so, im 95% certain, just holding out for the film and english course, but still not heard back from the *****!! oh well they have 5 days, then im going to start hounding them with phonecalls!! I met a girl at a party the other day who is model (the blonde one from the topshop campaign. hot) who is at cambridge, we struck up a friendship and she gave me her email and is going to send me all her course notes too... score!!!

    have you decided where you are going now? how is everything? x x x x

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