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  1. Awwwwwww, don't hide. She may be The One :P

    You may be just the kinda guy she's into
  2. You need to delete your inbox cause I can't reply!
  3. Nah man, I'm really quite a private person tbh. I don't like posting my daily routine / life on the internet. Always happy to give advice and whatnot, but blogging just isn't me. The only time I did it was when I was travelling Aus a good number of years ago - pre Facebook being popular! - and I needed a way to keep in touch with all the family.
  4. Thanks I hope everything goes well with you too
  5. Well I've always said "expectation is the mother of disappointment"
  6. Kinda haha yeah. I resat my AS year lol.
  7. parks, you say? I have yet to come across any parks that I have.......
  8. And what do you think that is haha
  9. Ha! Did I? I'm such a muppet!! Nah.. it's early days and I haven't even started my undergraduate degree yet. I did spot my dream PhD the other day - analysing the atmospheres of exoplanets within our solar system! I should really concentrate on getting this access course passed first. Talk about registering for races before I've even learned to walk.

    We had a similar thing happen with our posters. We were told that they had to be in after the easter holidays and then three days before the holidays were told otherwise. They gave us an extension over that weekend so we had less than a week to do something that we thought we had three weeks to do.

    Did you make your deadline?

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    'Over the next decade Getty suffered from depression and, in 1984 in a final attempt to end his drug addiction, checked himself into a London clinic. While there he received a visit from the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to thank him for large donations to the National Gallery. She reportedly helped speed his recovery by telling him, 'My dear Mr. Getty, we mustn't let things get us down, must we? We'll have you out of here as soon as possible.'

    Bless her heart.


    'He's right, the nobel prize signifies nothing. He's better off getting in front of a camera and talking about science than having his name on a paper in a plaque on a wall.

    He's better off contributing to human knowledge and encouraging new scientific developments and understanding than having a committee decide that he's worthy of having his name written down.'

    - Regarding Richard Feynman on rejecting the Nobel Prize


    Computer historian Paul E. Ceruzzi said after Dennis Ritchie's death (The inventor of the C programming language): 'Ritchie was under the radar. His name was not a household name at all, but... if you had a microscope and could look in a computer, you'd see his work everywhere inside.'


    I'd rather formulate my own opinion rather than being given one. ' - Blind Ferret


    Just love this guy for his dedication to his wife:

    'Often seen in the background while his wife attracted the attention, his consorts' motto was 'always present, never there'


    This shouldn't be the grounds for misinformation. I recall the infamous Hodge Twins saying at the end of all their videos that they are simply giving "advice." Bad advice is bad. And wrong advice can be wrong. Just because it's an opinion or advice does not stop it from being wrong or bad.'

    on 'It is OK to have a different opinion!' - from MFP


    'Above all, these girls are human beings and therefore worthy of our love and and compassion and empathy. If you hate them and shun them and criticize them without knowing their stories and knowing them as people, you are worse a person than they will ever be.

    You have a lot to learn about the adult film industry, and you are a very narrow minded, ignorant person. Consider educating yourself before you judge and criticize.'

    Regarding negative criticism on the adult film industry


    'Why not do that analysis yourself, why place your trust in the intelligence and objectiveness of others when you are best placed to form you own opinion. Just because a vast community of historians and scientist say something doesn't mean it to be correct. There are innumerable examples where the scientific community widely believe something which is later proved by an individual to be wrong, challenge yourself to be one of those individuals not simply taking for granted what others say.

    Note, I am not specifically referring to this video but theory in general. I actually watched the video and found the arguments contained within very thin and subjective. Don't take my word for it however! It is good to challenge what you consider to be fact because you either learn something new or strengthen that held belief.' - graham11238


    'If you're willing to say what the nice conservative wants you to say in order to be rewarded, you are violating your principles. It's no different that doing the same if you worked in a government office, and your boss was a conservative. This kind of crap is the reason conservatives (and, in other situations, liberals) are able to act as though everybody agrees with them and thus they must be right...because nobody is willing to grow a spine and say what they really think. ' -


    'Cancer is when cells stop letting the body mooch off their hard work - clearly a community of like-minded cells should isolate themselves and do the best job each can do, even if the rest of the body collapses!' -


    The word 'defensive' is being used a lot by aggressive people as a way to further manipulate their victim. You have the right to defend yourself. And there is nothing wrong with that. Doing the opposite, being submissive, is defeatist.
    In the context of an argument or debate it is good to get your opponent in a defensive position. But that is only the first step to defeat. -


    'you were wisely advised to graduate first, before you're entitled to dish out educated guesses, if you can understand the irony.' - warlock


    'I'm from Denmark. I don't care what you think you do 'over there'. No talkshow should ever attempt to psychoanalyse the guests. And it was not a 'serious conversation', it was agressive and uninteresting' - zugaar

    Person A:
    'go to 'My Home', then go to, 'Friends'

    Click the X next to their name.

    Person B:
    I thought that was an envelope to send them a message. Face palm.

    Thanks for the help!'

    *Regarding how to delete a friend using the 'X' delete button.



    'There seems to be no study too fragmented, no hypothesis too trivial, no literature too biased or too egotistical, no design too warped, no methodology too bungled, no presentation of results too inaccurate, too obscure, and too contradictory, no analysis too self-serving, no argument too circular, no conclusions too trifling or too unjustified, and no grammar and syntax too offensive for a paper to end up in print'
    - Drummond Rennie, deputy editor of Journal of the American Medical Association regarding Peer Review.


    'Liberal Bull****ting 101:
    1. If losing the debate:
    (a) filibuster(b) race-bait (c)name-call (d) shift subject (e) ignore facts (f) blame Bush'

    *number 27

    I LOL.

    'The weak-sense critical thinker is a highly skilled but selfishly motivated pseudo-intellectual who works to advance one's personal agenda without seriously considering the ethical consequences and implications. (Paul, 1995).'


    'Rational ignorance is the option of an agent not to acquire or process information about some realm. Ordinarily used to describe a citizen's choice not to pay attention to political issues or information, because paying attention has costs in time and effort, and the effect a citizen would have by voting per se is usually zero.'


    Sarcasm is a coward's way of expressing anger, or resentment; frankly it's abusive if directed at an individual; people who are sarcastic are insecure, and generally have an overinflated sense of self and are extremely judgemental.

    These people obviously do not have the capacity to take there own inventory and will happily display their own superiority to anyone who will listen through sarcasm.

    They are angry at people, the world, there lot in life; they would never admit it, but they believe they are victims and their anger bubbles out through sarcasm all the time.

    Another trait is that these people tend to be very controlling, and verbally and emotionally abusive.

    These people tend want to believe they are perfect, but the truth is that underneath because of their own judgemental attitude; they can't bear for others to get to close to them because they might find out what they already know but won't even admit to themselves, and that is that they are extremely flawed or lacking themselves and hate themselves for it.

    The hate they have which is revealed in sarcasm is has it's roots in their own self-loathing.


    As for creating anger, no. If others are easily offended, or are sensitive and get angry because of the sarcasm, it is their choice to be angry. Nobody can make us feel anything, we choose our responses. Now some of those responses are conditioned by years of responding the same way, but they are a choice just the same.

    Say the offended person has read my 'answer' and now knows the reason for sarcasm from the other person is rooted in self-loathing. The person's new response with this awareness could be to feel sorry for the person, rather than get angry; or they could simply refuse to give that sarcastic person that much authority over them; giving people authority over us and our emotions is a choice too.

    Remember, the first time we a victim of sarcasm, every subsequent time we are a volunteer; we do have a choice to simply walk away, or not associate with a person who attempts to abuse us.

    On 'Sarcasm is Anger's ugly cousin?'


    'I'm actually starting to get worried about stupid people. Must be spending too much time on TSR.'
    - beebumble


    (Originally Posted by Arturo Bandini)
    Every racist I've ever met has had two arms. I'm not saying everybody with two arms is racist, some of my best friends have two arms. But I've met hundreds of racists in my life and they've all had two arms.

    I think something is seriously flawed within their culture at home, as people with two arms only ever seem to be really racist, or not racist at all.

    Or somewhere in between. What do you think about the above?


    'Schopenhauer, a German philosopher of the nineteenth century, who said, 'Every idea goes through three stages. First, it is denounced as the work of madmen.'—This is what Swift called 'A Confederacy of Dunces'—and then later, it's remarked as being totally obvious the whole time, and then the last stage is when the original denouncers claim to have invented it.'


    'I am opposed to the policy that all of the tips are put into a jar and divided evenly to the entire wait staff. When you get the lazy one with an attitude they all get the shaft at the end of the day. Finally the service declines because no one tries to excell and word gets around so patronage drops off. It's like socialism. Everyone gets a fair share of the pot no matter if they earn it or not. It just doesn't work.'


    I suspect that the mistake people are making is that they are confusing courtesy for respect.

    Everybody is entitled to common courtesy.

    Respect is something that can only be earned.


    Keep in mind that very few people who work at a business have any interest in keeping that business running. They care about getting their paycheck and going home. They may try to make you feel that you are wasting the time of the entire company, when in reality you are taking up the time of a person whose job it is to spend that time to find a way to help you.

    If this person acts like you are a nuisance instead of a customer, or cites policy at you, go up the chain of command. Most managers and all owners can make exceptions to policy.


    Their experiences are theirs and mine are mine. We won't live the same lives, we don't think the same, their solutions wont necessarily work with me, though I appreciate the sentiment.


    Self education is best than university education, university education is ideal for people who can not set educational goals for themselves, so they need an institute that can regulate their progress & guide them of what to do inline with set general standards educationaly.
    After all who cares someone needs to be paid for guiding you to meet those standards.


    When the question of the cost was initially raised with the prime minister after her son's safe return, she wrote on 12 February 1982: 'I must pay the £1,191. We can therefore say that no extra cost has fallen on the British taxpayer. To who do I make out the cheque?'


    I know it is bad programming practice, but does goto even exist ...

    Yep it sure does. So does crack cocaine. Existence is not a valid endorsement for being acceptable.


    Some poor plant has just spent its entire life growing those lovely flowers for her to do that.. I would have been very happy to watch them growing in my garden. How nasty


    Heartache at the loss of a precious child is universal and transcends race, celebrity or political bent. The pain will never go completely away but as time passes, the many joyful memories they made together may help ease the ache at least somewhat. May Mr. Geldof find peace & comfort in knowing his beautiful little girl is no longer suffering. Wishing him God's help at this difficult time.

    Read more:
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    Good grammar is essential to clear communication. Clear communication includes at the very least saying what one means and meaning exactly what was said. Excuses and alibis for poor grammar seem to come from those too lazy to get an education. Or too impetuous to think before speaking

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