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  1. It's illegal, I'm gonna call David Cameron and snitch on you.

    Which means if I want a ride, I'll have to get in your Clio? Don't be surprised if I wear a mask or something.
    I want a lowrider or a sports car. A convertible preferrably.

    What you revising for?
  2. Lol you're 17, you can't even drink yet.
    Oh that's not bad then, I sometimes forgot to do it too.
    I want a car now. Something badass.

    It is, and it is.

    I should revise for my exams a bit...
  3. True dat. Hate those bitches.

    So for like 2 years now? Hahahahah funny.
    So what did you do wrong? Drove on the right side of the road? hahahaah

    Just had a whole can of pringles.
    And a bit of Guinness. Now it's official: I hate Guinness. Tastes like coffee. So awful. I had to pour it into the sink.
  4. Totally. Except you. You're cool.
    It is, like 100% hipsterish. I think i'm gonna start doing it.
    That's weird. My hipster was black though, I bet yours was white, ha!
  5. I know, right? They came to our thread and think they can do as they please.

    Hooray. I need to buy potnoodles though. Here's domestos and mr muscles first.
    I don't know, I'd feel wrong. Like a hipster.
    Actually... it might be a good idea.

    Speaking of hipsters. Just saw one on a scooter, not a motorbikish but like this:

  6. You are the most intelligent female I have ever sawed on TSR :') Your post warmed my heart.
  7. Hahahah. Weirdo. I wouldn't have said a stupid thing like that.
    Ok, let's do it.

    Just finished doing washing. It's been a productive day. Now just need to clean my bathroom. Do it, please?
    And I need to sort my socks now. The fact that they're all black doesn't help.
  8. Actually I have dark hair. So sexy.
    You have to. I can even make it for you. Yeah, that's how nice I am.
  9. I'm glad you do. :teehee:

    Milk with tea is just wrong. It's awful. Takes away all the taste that tea has.
  10. Not often though!

    Same, cold juice is awesome. But tea does have to be warm. Very warm, but not hot. 2 sugars, no milk, ever.

    Like, the Scottish peoples.

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