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  1. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Yh true; I did English Lang in November and got a B, and everybody expected me to get like A or A*(which no one got in our school). Everyone was like you're gonna do rubbish in English Lit as well and I was like the pain of messing up in English Lang will only make my English Lit better. In the end I never bothered to revise for English Lit, so I know I messed up

    You're lucky you can get the A*'s in english though; that's by far the hardest subject for me.
  2. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Lol; But it's hard to stay chilled and not go on all over confident and then screw up your exam
    That's what I managed to do for my English Lit
  3. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Yh completely agree; I get kinda surprised when some people are like crying before their result or even their exam, when I'm just chilling :cool:
  4. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Lol; You're more worried about having to wake up early, than the actual result that you're gonna get.
    Talk about confident
  5. 4mar_ar5en4l
    You forgot about Results Day
  6. 4mar_ar5en4l
    You got kinda lucky then
    So just tuesday and your free!
  7. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Did it go well?
  8. 4mar_ar5en4l
    We do something about 21st Century Science, but don't know the proper name
    When's your science exams?
    Good luck in them anyway
  9. 4mar_ar5en4l
    The good thing is that uni's look at your grade's in comparison to the rest of the school for that year, so even if you get like an A, and the school does ****, the uni will realise that you're a lot better at science than what the grade suggests.

    Anyway Double Apllied is 67% coursework and 33% exam. We have one exam and two unit's of coursework, but they're proper long. Did you just do additional science? Don't you have to do like gateway or something?
  10. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Yh I did double applied as well. Our school's ok at science, but with double it is so s h i t.
    I asked my teacher last month whether or not I'll get A*A looking at my UMS and he said no ones got that in our school so he wouldn't know.
    He was the f*ucking head of science for a few years and he dont know that wtf.

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