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  1. InshaAllah it will be a good exam..set by ocr..they won't put random lyrics to poems in i hope!!! Lool i revised all of bio last week, got resits to concentrate on. They suckk, but inshaAllah it'll all be worth it in the end, then we can watch merlin tributes on youtube xD
  2. It's gone so fast! And im annoyed at myself cuz i've overslept..again. Sleeping pattern is messed up :/ my first exam is wednesday, yours?
  3. So's almost tuesday!! :/ back to college wehhh
  4. Yeah same, but what sucks is i've done all the chem packs she gave but i still don't feel confident! :/ hard knock life lol
  5. Hahahhah interesting ending! x
    Cannot wait to see you in college, then we can really discuss it. My heart smashed to millions of tiny pieces
    . But how's revision goin!? Exams in less than a week!
  6. Ammmyyyyyyyyyyy!
  7. 21, come at me bro. what about you?
  8. Ah right, just wondering as it's not a common muslim name
  9. Wow really? Sounds good, I've worked in a nursery before and kids are definitely fun to work with! Is your first name Amy btw?
  10. Hey! It's going great thanks, been a really hectic last few weeks starting med but it's good fun. How are you doing? Sorry can't remember what year you were in-have you applied for uni yet?

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