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  1. 10/10 tits, holla at man
  2. Are they real? :lolwut:
  3. can u get pregnant if it landed near ur vagina?
  4. if this was the real Angie'd remember me
  5. oh shut up u scumbag... someone should contact this Angie Varona and tell her youre stealing her pics and using them online.. you cant get any irl?

    i know a couple of big black gay guys who can come and cum for you and IN you... i know how you love us black people...

  6. you'll rot in hell
  7. lmao

    they must let any loser into their universities nowadays, if scum bags like you get in. Get a life you stupid cretin.

    We can all call each other names like school children can't we? Bless. Haven't you got some colouring in to do?
  8. Oh nooo top 20 uni in the UK, that's such an achievement isn't it when thousands upon thousands of people get into universities that high up every year *rolls eyes*

    Got a boyfriend thanks, and I'm not sad enough to use some girl's pictures to perv over and post on an internet forum as though it were you, unless this is you pre-op transgender?

    If not I hope she knows you've stolen them. She really does look 12.
  9. chav scummmmmmmmm
  10. lmao, you got that from no photo? real mature mate, you must be a huge virgin, can tell people like that from a mile away.

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