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  1. Worst I've seen in my life haha.

    Aw did you get to go on any? Really? haha what a coincidence... I was like in the middle it was a good set though

    What a wonderful way to celebrate That would be quite the weekend! And yes I will most likely be going!
  2. It better! I got an e-mail from the company saying there also planning on making traffic easier for next year.

    That's good! I was actually quite early in the lines on Sunday to lol. It felt so empty when I got in! Got to go on quite a few rides with no lines Managed to catch Arty's set as well.

    Of course haha. Yeah I heard about that to :/ and the drunk guy who got ran over -.- Do you plan on going next year?
  3. Lucky you! My cell reception was dead all three days. Hopefully next year!

    Aw that sucks -.- Saturday I barely saw anyone as well, there was just too much traffic on the way!
    I missed Hardwell but so Ingrosso & Alesso as well

    Lol, it seems we had identical Sundays! It was my favourite day too, and I wandered off on my own. I was around the back for C&S but LBL I was in the middle-ish. I missed Bingo Players but came back for Flux.

    You should have asked me.. I was with molly all weekend haha.
    Unfortunately a few people died :/ I saw someone getting defibrillated which was a sad sighting.
  4. I KNOW
    Day two wasn't that bad, I ended up walking around and meeting people since I was lost from my group. The cell phone reception in there was horrible -.-

    I can't remember exactly who I saw but I saw basically all of kinetic field on Friday, and I was at the Q-dance stage which was quite fun! Saturday I only saw Feed Me then on my way to Avicii the thing closes down -.- I saw Calvin Harris for a bit though.
    On Sunday I saw a lot of the basspod stage and I saw Chase & Status, Flux Pavilion, Laidback Luke, Bingo Players, Dirty South, Chuckie, and I can't remember who else! What about you?

    Oh btw, did you find molly? haha
  5. I'm pretty sure it will be. At least the map is out

    You better hope they aren't! Otherwise it could be a long ride haha.

    What are your friends more into? I love flux haha I'm not too keen on Major Lazer though, but Diplo has some bangers
  6. Sadly it will be The CEO of Insomniac or whatever said the map of the place will be released on Tuesday with the set times on Wednesday.

    LOL, at least some of your group got a shuttle pass. My hotel mates just lagged it and have to bus it I think. Cabs are a bit pricey in Vegas -.- luckily I won't be taking one haha.

    Oh, I know Laidback Luke will have his own stage and will be playing on Sunday
  7. They are severely lagging it with the line up -.-
    Less than a week to go now
    I think the line up will be released between Tuesday - Thursday so not long to wait!

    Did you get a shuttle pass? I was about to get one then it sold out. Luckily I found a few friends who would let me ride with them
  8. Mhmm! It has officially sold out so I'm expecting a LOT of people to be there. I hope there is enough room to walk around and dance at the stages.

    Oh nice, a day before me. I'll be in Thursday afternoon!
  9. Sweet I'm practically on the same boat.

    They better release it soon... I want to plan out who's sets I'll be seeing and what not. I wonder how packed it will be, I hear the tickets are selling out soon.
    What day are you going to be flying in?

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