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  1. I didn't see a link?
    Link me again?
  2. Dude, please take your sig down. Making me feel sick.
  3. I don't care about rep, I care about the fact that people can't recognise an awesome quote when they see one, but that's not your fault I suppose.
  4. Of course they were.
  5. OK, normally I let neg rep slide, but how could you possibly object to my motivational quote suggestions?
  6. Hopefully. Yours too.
  7. True. Still, it's one way of waking yourself up in the morning!

    Yes, I'd heard that it opens between 6 and 8 and just wondered whether there had been an update since then, but appraently not. Chances are I'd get my results first although if I could check Track, I probably would check that first. What time does your school open then? Mine's at 6... No idea why; I think they reckon we'll be able to get all the best Clearing places if we get our results early (my school has lots of faith in its A-level students, you see).

    Argh, this is making me nervous all over again. :cry2:
  8. That's very true. There's nothing better than watching a storm.

    You're probably right there! I would double check the term dates on the university's website because Track has been known to be inaccurate when it comes to term dates! Freshers' week starts at the same time as the rest of the students, from what I've read at least.

    Everybody says that about netball... I guess I like to break away from the mould a bit! I normally end up being goal keeper, which gets a bit boring after the while. Fencing sounds like so much more fun! I also fancy a go at rowing as well, although I'm also going to avoid anything with early-morning training!
  9. Haha, I'm not sure whether that's a compliment or not But that's true... although currently the sunshine state is more like the thunderstorm state! :eek:

    Well, all being well, I go down to London on 25th September and freshers' starts the day after... UCL Lawyers have a 2 week freshers' week I haven't really thought about societies and whatnot, but I've always wanted to give fencing a go (seems like quite a good method of anger management! ) and I really want to keep up my French. How about you?
  10. You're very lucky indeed then! So it's only right that you do spend some quality time with them, given that they're going to be forking out so much money for you.

    I'm going to Florida, but yes I agree America is really great. I've been a few times myself.

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