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  1. Hnnnnnngggggg
  2. Cheers for the rep.
  3. Gracias Bella :top2:
  4. My body is only free to musicians, you haven't played in a while so don't qualify :pierre: took me like a week to perfect it :getmecoat: I learned the Hotel California solo today don't know why it's taken me so long to learn that :erm: Haha I'll just bash out Coldplay and Blink-182 songs to deter the zombies Ibanez? Ah so you're a girl for the harder rocky sounds Hahaha I suppose the workshop miss understood when a *heavy* sounding guitar was commissioned :mmm:
    And my glove comes on to inspect your glorious womanly shape
  5. I like the video in your sig
  6. OMG You perfect that solo and I will give you my body for free! :zomg: It's not your fault you can't rise to Slash's level, he's a god I have an amp... specially made for acoustics :innocent: :ninja:Shame on you for giving up though :naughty: I would have so much fun if I owned an electric :moon: I can play the Bohemian Rhapsody solo :smug: The only solo I have perfected If you're not using your electric, can I have it please? :puppyeyes: It's not a fender stratocaster though is it? :hmmm: Me no likey fender :yucky:

    Correction, you're too easy for hellos. There's no need to introduce oneself, your clothes are already off before the first word has even been spoken :pierre: So you've never said hello in a high picthed voice just for the lolz? You're missing out on such fun :pierre:
  7. What sort of songs do you play on your guitar? :beard:

    Yes, not even a hello after so long Not even before asking such a random question :cool:
  8. My parents wouldn't approve of you.
  9. Oh crap this is like deja vu,

    I remember some girl said that to me in secondary school lool.
  10. I'm a 19 year old innocent child, can you stop harassing me please?

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    Wikipedia :bhangra:
    Oh babe it's true. I wanna touch buuutts with you. :surprise:
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    Over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to play..

    I'm the fifth Teletubby: Jebus

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    ''My brain doesn't tell me anything.'' -Rhod Gilbert.
    :sexface: :perv: :hubba:
    I just wanted to have the word ragamuffin on my profile. :gangster:

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