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  1. paranoid_android2
    Hey! Thought I'd post here as you're always leaving the message on my profile. Saw your answers for the FSMQ - thanks! Not quite sure how I did, but I guess it doesn't matter now. Any exams tomorrow?
  2. Hello! Just confirming I've accepted your request to join TSR's Anime Society!

    We're a large group, and realize this can be intimidating to some new members, but we're always glad to have someone new to talk to. So don't be afraid to ask questions or join in discussions, no matter how much you've watched! :yep:

    Another feature of being a big society is that we have loads of different threads. For a full list check here. But to make things easier, our two main used threads are:

    Ontopic Thread - Anything about anime/manga can be posted here. Recommendations, questions, comments on series/episodes etc. Try to keep on topic though!

    Chat Thread - Post about anything here (as long as it's within TSR rules!)

    Hoping to see you around,

    Group Leader

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