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  1. HELLO!
  2. Thank you!
    Nevermind though, I got rejected I technically met the requirements but there are just better applicants out there, I guess.
  3. Hey! I was browsing this forum and I stumbled upon a post you wrote saying that you're studying psychology and philosophy at Bristol...I hope you don't mind me asking, but I applied for the same course so I'm just wondering what your impressions are and how you like it?
  4. Well when it comes to decision time I'm sure I will analyse each hall on some really nerdy table or something haha thanks for your help
  5. I thought I'd replied to your last message, sorry! Thanks for your help! I'm 80% sure I'm going to firm Bristol. I'm just waiting on another final offer (or rejection) to make my choice, but I do still have months to decide obviously. As for accommodation, the details aren't online yet because its very early, but are there any halls you've heard are particularly dodgy? The only reason I ask is because at another university I visited (which will remain unnamed as so to not offend anyone else) I was expecting the standard student room (little bed, desk, plain walls, nothing special but potentially homely enough) and me and my mum walked in to the most horrible room ever. It just felt like such a dungeon. The window was tiny, the lighting was depressing, the desk was about one foot by two foot and I'm pretty sure there was mould growing in the bathroom. Hahaha. Just checking none of your friends have reported dodgy halls that I should try and avoid? Looking for tips on whats best more than anything
  6. I'm pretty certain I will firm it (:
  7. Ohh, alright. I suppose the fact that the uni is spread over Bristol doesn't help when you have lectures everywhere! Not like that's going to affect my decision. I am in love with Bristol Thank you!
  8. Ooh also, since my department is Medical Sciences, will all my lectures be in the Med Sci building, or is that just for the practical experiment work?
  9. Haha any information is useful! Thank you (: I'm considering Goldney Hall for accommodation Google maps says it's about a 15 minute walk from the Medical Sciences building, and The Hawthorns is only a 5 minute walk. I suppose I'll have a better idea after I actually visit.
    I might go to Bristol in February (fingers crossed!)

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    I'm a Canadian girl who will be doing psychology and philosophy at Bristol from October 2012.

    My qualification is the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

    If you have any questions regarding Canadian life/Canadian universities, feel free to PM me or send me a visitor message.

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