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  1. Um hello? Did you just threaten me? hahha
  2. hahahaha! I was kidding. :p:

    Okay, you go to sleep now then. I'll catch you up when I get back from work tomorrow.
    make sure you're not banned or else I'm gonna be lonely again. :sad:
  3. Beauty sleep? ARE YOU A FREAKING GIRL? For all I thought you're a man!:shock:

    I won't get banned! lol I know for sure you might will though. :sad: Which I hope not because I'm in a really bad state right now and I need someone like you to talk to. :p:
  4. Fine! I'll call you my mystery guy then. :p:

    How come you're going to bed now and leave me here alone? :sad:
    I'm doing great thanks, it sucks you have to go already though.

    May you have a good sleep my dear. Don't forget to message me again! :moon:
  5. Hahahahaha! I think I know who you are.
    You're soulfulboy! I miss you!How have you been? It's been a long time, how was your trip anyway?
  6. Your name was Destinor right?
    Admit it! :p:
  7. Hmmm :hmmm:
    Can you just tell me who you are please? Pretty please? :flutter:
  8. :shock: are you the one who I was just talking the other day?

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