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    I was born in Argentina in 1993.
    Since then my parents have decided to make me an older sister... four times.
    I came to England when I was eight, and after some back-and-forth I have ended up here, in London.
    I wish to be a doctor, but as my PS would prove, I cannot put to writing why.
    I am a good student (have always been one to suck up to teachers), and have jumped through most of the hoops in my life.
    What is more, (and surprising), is that I am not devoid of a social life.
    Academic Info
    GCSEs: 13 A*, 2 A
    A Levels: Biology (a), Chemistry (a), Maths (a), Philosophy (a), Spanish (A)

    VR= 670
    QR= 710
    AR= 700
    DA= 610
    Average= 672.5

    Work Experience:
    Nightingale (Jewish retirement home)
    Dulwich Helpline
    London Chest Hospital (a week in cardiothoratic surgery)
    King's College Hospital (a day in emergencies)
    Piano (miserable Grade 1)
    LAMDA public speaking (Bronze)
    Reading Student BMJ
    A spot of baking
    Reading Oliver Sacks
    Teaching lower years in clubs and church group
    Young Enterprise (Greater London Finals)

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