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  1. Hi, which thread are you talking about please? (The one advocating violence against Islam.) I couldn't see it on a quick search. Thanks.
  2. Good idea! Thanks sometimes I wonder whether any of my plans will actually come true though :P There's nothing to be proud of yet!

    Ooh that'd be lovely! You could try attacking the whole patent business in the pharmaceutical industry and make medication cheaper for developing countries! Both of those sound great, it's true that you never know where you'll end up My parents wanted to go to Ireland or Italy, and here we are in Belgium :P

    I'd absolutely love to travel all the time that's why I want to do my degree in English. It'd allow me to go wherever I really hope to go to disaster zones, and help out in crises only to leave again when the situation has stabilised. Who knows though, maybe I'll end up in the Netherlands as a gp :P

    I'm starting to think your house is some kind of manor, the way you're so dismissive about it. If it is, don't be surprised if I show up after googlemapping it and I take possession of the place. We do have a written agreement you know. That's as good as a contract if you ask me :yep:
  3. Hi there,

    We do not automatically reject people on the basis of someone's A-level grades, although some firms will.

    A strong 2.1 at university + strong extra cirricular activities and motivations for the career will help any future applications though.

    Kind Regards

  4. You too (:
  5. Thats good. + no I'm not gonna resit. I'm dropping the subject this yr anyways and carrying on with maths, biology and psychology - and both maths and biology have exams in January which I dont want to sacrifice my grades in to improve my RS score. Especially when I need (if I get an offer from the uni) an A* in one of my subjects.
  6. Not too bad. Got an A in philosophy and an E in buddhism, so C grade overall. How did yours go?
  7. carnationlilyrose
    Thanks for the rep. It's very kind of you. Good luck!

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    Nothing particularly wild or adventuresome unfortunately (hope to change that eventually).

    Love all things sport but football is a personal favourite (Manchester United, supported them since I was 8 and had no idea how good they were so shush!) well maybe not all things sport... I don't understand how anybody could watch 5-day cricket matches or bowls, which IMO really pushes the boundaries of what you can call a sport.

    Tennis, cars (admittedly I'd like to know a lot more about those beautiful machines than I actually do), astronomy (take a keen and somewhat random interest in stars and space... it captivates me, despite understanding virtually zilch about either).

    Oh and of course, I'm an avid gamer even though I'm starting to grow out of it little by little. Personal PS1 favs include Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Gran Turismo.

    Been playing on 360 for about 5 years and - at the risk of being lynched by the cool and unique hipster crowd who are just too good for all that mainstream jazz - CoD has been a focus and nothing will beat MW2 (before everybody started exploiting its oversights at least :sad:)

    Have ambitions to push myself further, sky-diving from 15,000 feet, skiing in the alps, conquer Everest... wrestle a lion... wherever the tide takes me.

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