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  1. So what's up?
  2. Oh hi, we are now friends
  3. Btw. Who is Rob Swire.
  4. Anything really. I studied IT at college, but I know I'm not going to find anything in that field anytime soon. I'm just looking to get some experience under my belt.

    Good luck with your exams.
  5. Nope, I'm currently looking for a job. I decided against uni after finishing college, but having a fairly hard time finding anything. How about you?

    Parents love being embarrassing. I'm not sure if they do it deliberately or not. I think they do.
  6. Ouch! I'm glad I don't have exams anymore. That's cool, have fun.

    My parents and I are going to my auntie and uncle's house on New Year's Eve. No party for me. I don't mind though.
  7. I'm glad to hear it. Mine was great thank you. I ate loads too. I also watched loads of TV, but hey, it's Christmas.

    Have you got any plans for New Year's Eve/Day?
  8. I see. Well, money and clothes are always good. Money is nice so you can choose what to buy and everyone needs clothes.
  9. I did, yes! It's amazing. Thanks for asking.

    What did you get?

    How was your Christmas overall?
  10. Thank you.

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