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  1. Arigato!
  2. Haha yeah bet I will! I'm properr excited for it now!
    Oh no that must be stressful, what courses are you torn between?
    Ah that's annoying, put your module marks in when you apply through ucas so unis can see how close you were to getting As! A couple of retakes in January should sort your grades out fine in the long run!
  3. Omg aha thats such a weird coincidence lol! Yeah i was a bit gutted yesterday but I think York will be great, i'm not as upset as I thought I would be which is a nice surprise! Thanks very much! I think getting an unexpected A* in Maths softened the blow a bit haha I knew I messed up my summer exams big time so it could have been a loooot worse lol. Started your uni application yet? x
  4. Haha, wow! Congrats on becoming Head Girl!! :party:
  5. Yeah, he'd have loved it; he'd be showing it to his mates and everything the next day! Course, they'll all want one so you'll be pretty busy painting nails.
    I'm good, I actually forgot all about results day until you brought it up again so now I'm going to be nervous all holiday. So thanks for that! I want to go to a couple of open days during the summer though, which ones have you visited so far?
  6. Wow, I guess the Italy trip's very popular with you guys! Sounds alright, did it work? Maybe you could bribe them by teaching them nail art as well, haha! Your Mario stuff was really good, I'm sure loads of guys want their nails painted. :erm:
    Yeah, I can't see how it could go wrong! I'd love to go even if I had to spend a while in a bag or something. Maybe. :love:

    How are you doing, is it all right in Coventry?
  7. Wow, you're a proper tourist, aren't you? Oh my, there's 90 of you?! :eek: That's a pretty big Italian group, someone's bound to get lost! Haha, what did you bribe them with?

    Awwww, I wanna go to Italy!!! *starts whining* :cry2:
  8. Cool, bringing much with you?
    Haha, definitely! I really want to go to Italy on a Geog trip (because, why not?) but my teacher says it's not possible, so it's obvious she just hates me! Oh, you'll look like an idiot if you try to speak to any Italians while you're there; they'd just think you're mental with your bad Italian! Why were you teaching the Y12/13's basic Italian; was your teacher hung over or something?
  9. Buona sera to you too!
    Oh yeah, enjoy yourself in Italy! I'm very good, thanks! No trips to Italy for me sadly. I'm not jealous or anything though! :ninja: My year went to Lancaster and Liverpool Unis this week but I think you've got the better trip, to be honest. But only just though. My language learning's going well, I know quite a few words but I need to try some conversational Italian out. There's no use in learning Italian if I'm only going to talk to myself!
  10. Buongiorno, mia amica!
    How are you?

    Oh btw I decided to take up learning a language, I didn't just Google translate the Italian haha!

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    The Perks of Being A Wallflower, The Great Gatsby, Wintergirls, Lullabies for Little Criminals, Paper Towns

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