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  1. There's a thread 'Canadians Applying for UK Medical Schools' - you might be able to offers assistance on that.
  2. hey eXe!! how'd you go with your medicine application?
  3. Hey there!

    What happened to you in Saudi haha? Why are you like so vehemently opposed to everything Muslim? You need to relax a little, man ...

    But seriously, what bad personal experiences did you have in Saudi? :confused:
  4. Hey, saw you hating on the Leeds thread. It is nice to meet someone who agrees that their admissions office has been ridiculously bad this application cycle :-P I wondering where you are firming now?
  5. great! I'm international and I still haven't heard :\ Thought I might have mucked up my interview haha :P so is liverpool your firm choice? thanks for the good luck, need it x
  6. hey sorry for this random msg but have you got an offer from liverpool? if you haven't heard good luck! x
  7. Heyyy! did u receive any offers?? I don't know why but I really hope you will get one soon you seem to desperately want it maybe thats why I have heard from cardiff I have got an offer so Im a bit more relaxed now but nothing from liverpool so waiting continues... I just wanted to say good luck!
  8. Sorry bout the forum grade requirements mix up I miss read it it's 6 to 7 a stars at Birmingham med school any where else I have no idea. Sorry again for yesterday aswell it was a mistake for what I said.
  9. I already now what they mean you tell me what you think they mean!
  10. Let me tell you why that's wrong. They don't assume there isn't one, they don't believe in one. DISBELIEVE. They don't believe it exists. No it does not exist. So you can thank Allah. Also, isn't it God's job to show proof not the other way round? You can't prove I can't fly, nor you can't prove there isn't the spaghetti monster or I am not a man for 6 arms. Does that mean it's all true and it's all valid?

    I didn't think so. Was just giving you a heads up, but hey, if that's what you wanna do then cool man.

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