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  1. Hey Wattsy, just wanted to condemn you on your awesome response to these trolls on the "was I being groomed" forum. I'm just in the middle of writing another response but after that I'm hitting the pillows as I am knackered and trolls will never stop hyping it over the screen. I just hope the anon truly does follow the advice of seeking professional help and not letting these trolls get to her.

    P.s I want to become a law student at uni, I'm wondering what were your A-levels and what grades did you get to get into Law? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot
  2. THANK YOU. It's like really, you get aroused at the sight of ginger hair? Come off it. That's not a turn on, it's something you like. And it isn't weird. I was hoping for freaky and perverse answers. Not "ooh I like it when they have hands" "cheeks are cute" - MOST HUMANS HAVE THEM.
  3. Thanks for the rep
  4. Wattsy
    Hahaha, his RW is waaay cheaper than a Submariner! I'm definitely not buying a Hermes tie, M&S or John Lewis will do the job just fine for a a fraction of the cost. I haven't really got into optional modules in any depth but I quite fancy the Intellectual Property module, I'm not sure I actually dislike Land Law it may well bethe fact that the lecture is 9am Tuesday with a 4 hour gap until my next lecture, making the 9-4 day a bit of a marathon with lots of staring at the computer or a book.
  5. Probably not the best idea, the firm that won't have you in real estate at some point is a rare one, even if you want to do something unrelated. Best not run wth the Raymond Weil, along with the Hermes tie it's a you've got to earn it situation.
  6. They won't test your law really in interviews, I think I got asked some vague stuff about Street v Mountford but nothing major. They tore into my A levels a couple of times as a 'how do you like it up you question', but that was as bad as it got. Depends how you define good watch, I reckon about 300 quid is alright, but last watch thread I saw on rof came to a conclusion on this:

    I've got to get myself an extra suit plus a shedload of shirts and ties this summer, right pain.
  7. As a general rule on dressing be about as conservative as Thatcher.

    Suits: Grey or navy, black is for mobils phone salesmen from Essex and funerals.
    Shoes: Oxfords a good shout, get them in black.
    Shirt: Long sleeved, no pocket, nothing too vibrant (blue, navy, white, maybe lilac/pink if feeling a bit more daring), don't get one with a white collar and coloured body, you aren't a sotckbroker. Cufflinks a nice extra but not essential.
    Tie: Bit broader range, but generally nothing too bright, I wore a yellow one for some interviews though. Don't wear a skinny one, it's a law firm not Topman.

    If you're tempted to wear a waistcoat/very skinny trousers/whatever don't, it'll backfire. I realise this is massively depressing to anyone with even a vague sense of individuality but it's just how it is.

    Until you make partner of course at which point you can turn up like this, with an excessively expensive watch of course, and no one can say a thing.

  8. Yeah, but I figured you'd probably put all that info out there generally, whereas you can edit the profile rapido. Some will, some won't. Just don't slag the firm off on rof, then have them work out who you are, invite you to the annual do and have a magician reveal your rof username to you in a trick followed by an announcement your TC's being rescinded, because that would be unfortunate.
  9. No, I think I have the right to choose what I want to 'bang on about'. So freedom of speech should be used as the right to freely insult people? Hmm.. your views eh, each to their own.
  10. The one I'm wearing is a primark abomination too :teehee: I left my nice, thick one at home so I won't get to wear it till I'm back for xmas. :sad:

    This is the my favourite one :yes: It's so warm :love:

    I will get a light up one next year

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