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  1. So basically for nothing. Just as I suspected. :facepalm:
  2. Oh wit, hurrah. I don't give a flying fudge if I'm memorable or not, you sarky twunk; I want to know why you negged me for this:
  3. Ah the classic Grammar Nazi ploy. Sorry if I'm momentarily distracted by the eejit who negged me for no reason. Grow some balls and debate with me if you disagree with something so vehemently.
  4. Your an idiot.
  5. can you please go out of my way if you have nothing good to say or something to prove ur comments.! ignorance is something I do not welcome around me. thank you
  6. someone in the philosophy forum who knows stuff?

    unheard of.
  7. It's part of my coping mechanism for dealing with stupid. It has nothing to do with looking clever. I'm just glad you agree with the point I was making in the post though.
  8. Most of my posts are amazing, and the ones that aren't are like "the room", and thus out of this world!
    This post:
  9. Then: Why you no like my post?
  10. Are you a creationist?

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