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  1. You sir, have one beast of a PC .
  2. Oh, I've never liked the sound of QM, sounds like a really rough area to have a university in :/
    3 year course is without the placement, yes?

    No, I only just realised how to read peoples signatures like 5 minutes ago :lol:

    I would do CS but I'm not happy about the overriding of men to female ratio, and I miss writing essays and humanities kind of thing, and I'm very into politics as of this year Alogrithms ugh, I hated decision maths so much :lol: I don't think I could do it :lol:

    Oh really, I can imagine a lot of people cycling in Cambridge, the damn poshies. :hitler:
  3. Which other universities did you apply for then?

    I must agree that Physics really is full of poop. :lol:

    Aha, I thought right, I am very good at these things :teehee:

    I wanted to do CompSci until I realised how **** Physics is, so now I want to do Economics, Politics and International Study at unis such as Exeter, Warwick, Bath, maybe Lancaster, not sure about my last option

    I would assume that Cambridge would be quite quiet, considering the majority of people there are probably more interested in intellectual affair than partying until the morning, unlike in Kingston :lol:
  4. CDE oh my gosh what happened?!

    What course do you take at Uni? I see you kind of like a computer science kind of person :lol:

    yay New Malden! You'll be once again back in Little Korea
  5. In Cambridge the city or Cambridge the Uni? :lol:
    Aww :jumphug: I'll be your friend until I go off to uni, far far away
  6. hAHA yeah! So you go to Kingston Uni? 2nd Year?
  7. I only ever really take the 213 because it's very direct from my house to school :lol: I almost never go outside
  8. Yeah, I'm at the sixth form there
    You think so? where? :lol:
  9. Yes I watch you when you sleep.
  10. I feel like I know you from somewhere :innocent:

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