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  1. do you still exist
  2. Hey, noticed that you had applied for explore learning a while back. May I ask how it all went in the end?
  3. I sold mine for £210 :smug:
  4. giving up is for losers

    don't be a loser
  5. Waste gyal
  6. Apology not accepted
  7. My birthdays on the 23rd. So is my brother and my fathers. My house number is 23. It's the first two numbers on my passport. I'm going to be 23 net year. I have written twenty three on my hand just this minute. My football jersey always always is number 23. You've stolen my number miss.
  8. Yes, it is just a 'ordinary' number :cool:
  9. It does I am starting to believe in the number 23 again That really is strange, from single digit numbers it suddenly goes to 23 :O ?! John Nash had paranoid schizophrenia ,doesn't that explain it?
  10. My lucky numbers are 7 and 8 , I really don't know why I have 2 :confused: Fact is when you start looking for things you tend to find things :L What scared me is that historical events and facts have the number all over them for example, 23 is the first prime number, ,a Manchester city player died while wearing a jersey with the number 23, each parent has 23 chromosomes, Shakespeare was born on the 23rd April and died on the 23rd April, the letter W has 2 points going down and 3 points going up and it is the 23rd letter of the alphabet and look on your keyboard the number 23 is right above W, the titanic sank on the 4/15/1912 4+1+5+1+9+1+2= 23, the tilt of the earths axis is roughly 23 degrees, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was dropped at 08:15 am 8+15=23 and the list could go on... But once again this is all coincidence

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