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  1. Hi not sur you remember me but im resiting my A2 Chemistry ISA wondering if you could help me prepare for it? Information:

    Information to be given to candidates

    Candidates must not be given information about an ISA assessment until 1 week before Stage 1.

    One week before Stage 1, candidates should be given the following information.

    The aim of this task is to investigate some redox reactions.

    The main areas of the specification in the Written Test include Section 3.5.3 (Redox Equilibria),

    Section 3.5.4 (Transition Metals) and Section 3.5.5 (Reactions of Inorganic Compounds in

    Aqueous Solution).

    There must be no further discussion and candidates must not be given any further resources to

    prepare for the assessment.
  2. Thanks!
  3. :awesome:

    How are you BTW? Ready for med? :gah:
  4. Thanks for all the information i will try my best to prepare for summer!
  5. Thanks! . I've been told it's from some german sketch show
  6. Not at all what I wanted! PM me
  7. Thankyou very much I am just curious about the practical too is there a way to revise? Because my teacher said they will give us the topic and we have to research ourself about it and do the paper, i know a girl from last year's year 13 where she got B in unit 4 and B in unit 5 but E in practical which brought her grade down to C overall! So is there any way to be fully prapared for it? i know i am throwing you question everytime please dont get irritated if u r...i am just too worried as i want minimum A in this subject...thanks
  8. Wow thanks for the advice i will try my best to learn content as soon as possible which will give me plenty of time to practise questions thanks again....btw do you have any special recomeandation for the book to use to learn the content if u do then please tell me i will be really thankful
  9. Hi there, saw ur thread on aqa biology result and the result is just sooo good. I am in year 13 now and i moved school so the exam board change to aqa biology whereas i did ocr before so i am doing both AS and A2 biology and i really want to do well but people are scaring me by saying that its very difficult, so i would be very thankful if u could tell me how u prepared and revised for it and which books did you use i am really worrief about it hope u can give me some advice!
  10. Yes. Yes I am

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