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  1. Hello , I just wanted to ask you one more question if you don't mind:

    When I was doing these M1 papers, in some of the papers, I found these sorts of questions:

    e.g. 6. Two forces, (4i – 5j) N and (pi + qj) N, act on a particle P of mass m kg. The resultant of the two forces is R. Given that R acts in a direction which is parallel to the vector (i – 2j),
    (a) find the angle between R and the vector j,

    (b) show that 2p + q + 3 = 0.

    Given also that q = 1 and that P moves with an acceleration of magnitude 8√5 m s –2

    (c) find the value of m.

  2. hELLO , Do you do M1?
  3. Hello on speed time graphs, I am always having problems with the times that they give. For example, lets look at this problem:

    A car moves along a horizontal straight road, passing two points A and B. At A the speed of the car is 15 m s–1. When the driver passes A, he sees a warning sign W ahead of him, 120 m away. He immediately applies the brakes and the car decelerates with uniform deceleration, reaching W with speed 5 m s–1. At W, the driver sees that the road is clear. He
    then immediately accelerates the car with uniform acceleration for 16 s to reach a speed of V m s–1 (V > 15). He then maintains the car at a constant speed of V m s–1. Moving at this constant speed, the car passes B after a further 22 s.

    (a) Sketch, in the space below, a speed-time graph to illustrate the motion of the car as it
    moves from A to B.

    When sketching these graphs, I am always having troubles distinguishing between the meaning of "for 16 seconds " and "further 22 seconds". If it says "for" does that mean that the time is for that particular block and if they say "further " does that mean that you add on the time from the end of the previous block.

    I got the right answers but it was simply I guess due to chance. I feel i dont have the real understanding. "for " and further' is always getting me confused. HELPPPPPP>?
  4. Hello , pls can you help me to understand this...

    On the mark scheme they are going from

    1/ (8 sqrt x) = e^1-4x to e^4x-1=8 sqrt x

    I dont know how though?
  5. PART 2 of my reply (I couldn't fit it all into one message because TSR said it was too long). Read the previous message first and then this one.
    We believe that any prophet that comes after Muhammad (pbuh) is completely subordinate to him and will just revive his teachings and will definitely not bring down a book. Ahmadis follow a logical stance and if something doesn't make sense in the Qu'ran or Hadith (sayings of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)) then it obviously cannot be taken literally and so therefore must be taken metaphorically. Non-Ahmadis aren't like that (the belief of the physical ascension of Jesus up to Heaven is a good example). Ahmadis also believe in the big bang theory and they pretty much believe in evolution (they believe it was a Divinely guided process). There is a lot more to say on this but I don't have time unfortunately. For more information, visit: or more specifically:
    Please don't go on anti-Ahmadi websites such as as they just say lies.
  6. It is a sect of Islam which believe that a man named Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) was the messiah who was prophesised by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to reform Islam. We regard this man as a prophet of God, however, mainstream Muslims consider us heretics because they believe that Islam teaches that a prophet cannot come after Muhammad (pbuh) and so therefore we are kafir (disbelievers). They believe that Muhammad (pbuh) was the seal of all the prophets which is what Ahmadi Muslims also believe but it's the difference between the interpretation which is one of the things that distinguish Ahmadis from mainstream Islam. We believe that when saying, "seal", it means best, as in Muhammad (pbuh) set a standard so a high that he put a seal on the level that any prophet can go. He was the best and you can't surpass that. The non-Ahmadis believe that seal means that he was the last prophet and no prophet can come after him. They say this yet they believe that Jesus will eventually come down from Heaven and Jesus is a prophet so if he were to be sent down that means a prophet came after Muhammad (pbuh). We believe that Jesus was a true prophet of God, however, we believe that he was placed on the cross (non-Ahmadis believe he wasn't) and that he survived the crucifixion (non-Ahmadis believe his physical body was raised up to Heaven) and went on his mission to preach to the 12 lost tribes of Israel. We believe that Allah doesn't break the laws of the universe, just like He said (He can but He doesn't) and so to us Ahmadis, the idea of a human in his physical form being raised up to Heaven is completely absurd and it breaks the laws of the universe so it can't happen. The non-Ahmadis believe that Jesus would eventually come down from Heaven and the he is the promised messiah. But Ahmadis believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is Jesus, but metaphorically. So Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is in fact the promised messiah.
  7. Well, you never know! You more than likely did fine. I know nothing about the way BMAT is scored, so I can't comment.

    My interviews aren't until February, for UEA and Leicester, at least. I hope Keele gets back to me.
  8. How has your application gone, then? I forgot to ask.
  9. Really? Well, that's fantastic! But, I haven't heard yet, so maybe it's only some people.

    In any case, thank you for remembering, and thanks for telling me.
  10. Hey man, just saw that you got rejected from King's. I'd just like to say that two of my friends who were rejected from there have offers from UCL, one of them from Cambridge too. Make of that what you will, but what are King's playing at?!

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