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  1. You and Aj12 as well are very good with the dolling out a ladle of reason amongst a thread of angry posters.

    As it goes I'm actually thinking about trying to get more involved in the 'gay community' as it were (not entirely sure how that comes out sounding). I don't know many gay people and I think it could only serve to widen my circle of friends and open me up to different types of individuals.

    There's a little more to it than that actually, but I'll avoid initiating a major public discussion about it
  2. I really don't know why I can't get notifications for my wall-posts :erm:

    But yeah, a gender sign would be helpful, not that it's a necessity You're free to identify how you wish, be it through ambiguity of a specific admission on your profile page

    I don't know, I just had you pegged as a very male character. Logical, political, concise and just about always a source of reason. Granted those can be possessed by females, but it just didn't seem to fit with how I'd constructed your personality in my head
  3. Ah nevermind I saw you post in the er..."penis length thread" and assumed.. My mistake, I apologise.
  4. Wait...wait...

    You're female? :lolwut:
  5. Not bad I guess
  6. Chemistry,Maths,English(CAE),Bio logy,Physics
    that about it
  7. How to master bmat, passing the bmat 2012 and 400q
  8. Wow, you're very prepared yeh, all the books seem to have questions which are harder than the past papers
  9. Yeah, i feel you. It was a very stressful process. Whatever you do, don't start reading the "How to Master the BMAT" book if you have it. It's so daunting. Maybe we'll see each other at med school next year *fingers crossed* :-)
  10. Very nice choices you have there :-) BMAT preparation is a pain isn't it?

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