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  1. Don't worry about it, do you get any loans or grants? I was hoping for an A* in Biology too but only got an A haha
  2. Wow nice. You deserve it man and you'll love it too, much better than college
  3. Awesome, glad to hear

    Which uni?
  4. I got 108 which was higher than I expected after a catalogue of errors towards the end!
  5. Pi day was fun haha...i did learn pi to something ridiculous like 50 dp when I was younger but can only recite upto 5 now..

    Never mind, that chem5 exam was rogue too. How did you do /120?
  6. Hi,

    Thank you I'll be studying Economics.

    Well done on your amazing A2s and have fun at UCL
  7. Maths:C1,C2,S1,C3,C4 and D1.
    Further Maths:FP1,M1,M2,FP2,FP3 and M3.
  8. I am planning to take Maths at University.I am also considering Physics because Maths/Physics are almost the same thing at degree except in Physics you get to learn about what the Maths is truly about and what it means in the context of the universe but I am still strongly thinking that I'm going to take a Maths degree.One Physics courses that I read about had a compulsory module of Pure Maths I think and my Further Maths AS consists of 1/3 pure maths and 2/3 pure physics.
  9. It has never been available in Maths just Further Maths IGCSE with AQA and its an official grade that appears on my results sheet.I'm taking Maths,Further Maths,Physics and Geography-still unsure about Geography as I only got an A at GCSE but I definitely should be taking the first 3 .
  10. Its for AQA Further Maths IGCSE but your 600/600 is worth an A^ really because if UMS were used in Further Maths from what I've seen so far the mark for A^ is at the 100% UMS mark.Well Done I only got 295/300 UMS(raw mark 185/200) because I made some stupid mistakes in Unit 1 and Unit 3 and I got 174/175 for Further Maths-the mark for an A^ was 149 and an A* 118.Do you know what raw mark you got?

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