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  1. Hahaha sorrrryy :P although i'm not really doing it, I can't concentrate it's reallllly boring! aha cool my accent changes when i've been in England for a while, apparently, I never notice ha
  2. hahah well I can't really see it cause it's kinda small so couldn't comment fairly :P Do you have a Scottish accent? You seem like you do from how you type - if that even makes sense! Sounds good I will probably be up all night finishing my essay sad times
  3. Haha no! Even though there are about ten of them on every street :P ah it is Rosie Huntington Whiteley, a model :P how was your dj set?
  4. haha you get greggs everywhere :P

    ohhh nice, good luck xo
  5. haha totally :P you'll love it it's awesome, I am going back on Thursday I CANNOT WAIT ! haha
  6. Ah cool, you'll be fine, it's sometimes better just to go yourself and meet loads of different people! yeah I know a few, my friends seem to be all over the place at different unis at though :O I will hopefully be going into 3rd year (maybe 2nd) so I don't know whether to go for halls or not... might just be tempted to go out rather than study, I miss nights out in Glasgow, so much better than where I am now, haha :P
  7. ah :O if only I knew enough to actually hold a proper conversation :P are you planning on staying in halls when you go to Glasgow?
  8. ah cool, I'm doing philosophy, I was doing spanish as well last year but ohhh languages are not for me aha :P
  9. Hey for some reason I can't reply on the normal bit ahh cool, I am hopefully transferring to Glasgow Uni next year because i'm at uni in England just now - and really want to come home haha what are you going to study?
  10. Glasgow you?

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