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  1. Sure, absolutely.
    The interviews are really informal, I'm sure you've heard they're really informal, the people interviewing are just going for a chat. They will ask you questions like "Why archaeology?" "Why UCL?" but nothing they ask will be academically related in the sense they expect you to regurgitate knowledge. If anything, they will ask your opinion on things that you've expressed interest in in your personal statement and questionnaire, like for me in my questionnaire I said that I was interested in Stonehenge, they asked me why and I said because of the mystery surrounding it etc, but then my interviewer explained that thats actually just the way its portrayed to the public and that we would get to explore these issues in a second year module. So its okay if you don't have the full picture of the subject, if that makes sense, more than ANYTHING they want to detect an enthusiasm for archaeology, an interest to learn more about the subject.
    Bill Sillar one of the admissions tutors always says to a group before an open day that its just about seeing if you are right for the Institute as much as it is about seeing if we are right for you.
    I would just be yourself, relax and answer honestly, I'm sure you'll see when you come how friendly everyone is, we really are a relaxed department.
    Was that helpful?
    What date is your interview?
    If you have any other questions please ask, I am a second year student rep so don't hesitate! x
  2. Yeaah I did Why do you ask?
  3. unfortunately i got rejected, wish you luck though!
  4. it went quite alright actually, i wonder if we had the same questions... i had two, how were your interviews?
  5. thank you! I am supposed to "report no later than 9AM" on the 12th, but I'm getting in early on Sunday because that was the cheapest flight. also, more time in the city ^.^

    how about you? are you also at Magdalen?
  6. hooray indeed!
  7. Congrats on your interview! haha still havent got my response, so lets hope we both get in, might be seeing you there
  8. Wow ... what exactly did you do at the foreign Office?? and when did you start looking at universities, particularly oxford??
  9. Yeah but we all have to admit they are a small percentage oh well - i'm trying to do extra stuff relevant to a History course, I'm already volunteering as a room steward at Chartwell, but I'm not sure what else I can do to make myself "stand out" as it were. Did you do a lot of experience to put into your personal statement??
  10. Hello, I was browsing the oxford application page and you're applying for one of the courses that I want to do! And we have similar GCSE grades! I've only just started my AS Levels but for months now I've been searching for someone applying to Oxbridge who doesn't have like 5 A*s and more, and then I saw yours!! You've made my day. Thanks, and good luck!

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