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  1. Made a post to you on the Sheffield 2013 Applicants thread. Entry number 985. Could you reply it ?
  2. added
  3. oh yeah, there's that. That's a brilliant idea. it's going to be easier for me to find you rather than you try to find me, because there's way too many "Jay Chang"s on facebook
  4. Ha. interesting. Mine's at 9:50 and 11:10. So I assume they do give quite a bit of attention to each applicant. Because my interviews are so early in the morning, I'm sleeping in Sidney Sussex the night before the interview. Breakfast in Sydney, then interview.

    I'm desperately trying to find the books but it hasn't been so successful. I want to at least skim through them before the interview.

    Yeah, I'm flying from Turkey to UK, staying for 2 nights. It's not my first visit to UK anyways.
    How's your portfolio going? I need to print out everything this weekend then put them into a proper portfolio. Not really looking forward to that
  5. Hey man, What time is your interview? I'm flying to cambridge on the 6th.
    Feeling ready for the interview? I'm freaking out because i haven't read nay of the books they recommended
  6. Happy days! Emm driving to the airport, hour long flight from Belfast to London Stansted, then a 40 minute train journey to Cambridge. What about yourself? What subject have you applied for?
  7. LOL! You must live in the north of England,right? I live the south, so I prob will go to Bath, but not sure about the Cambridge ones, Cambridge is always the firm one if I succeed, so I dont think its necessary for me to go in advance.

    Anyway, looking forward to the fighting, all the best for your applying!

  8. oh,no,I didnt. But that sounds soooo coool really. I have already heard about the great reputation for the architecture in Sheffield, and thanks for your great info.

    It asks for the portfolio, which I think will be really selective, but the course does look really exciting.
    worth trying!

    So are you going to Bath or Cambridge open days?
  9. I think I was doing well in C1, Maths in As is quite easy, and prob FM is needed a bit more practise, but anyway,I feel I did all well in my academic subjects.

    So for uni, I m looking at Bath, Sheffield,Edinburgh,Manchester.. I am not sure if I m going to apply for Cambridge or not,cos I know the competition there is extremely fierce especially for architecture, they dont take many architects, but maybe worth a try..

    Architecture is a challanging course, and I have already heard a lot about its negative affects, but I am still in love with it. Prob its harder than I thought.

    What do you think?

  10. By the way, what is Welsh Bac Advanced Diploma? Is it someting to do with your course?

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