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  1. Ah. You've changed it! So now I can just look at it, safe and sound lol
  2. Something about your avatar pic that makes me want to try and avoid getting bitten! lol
  3. Yes, let's! Phase 1 of world take over, begin...
  4. I agree! I mean they're all lovely but they all seem to be really really posh and like middle class! Haha my housemate suggested I go to finishing school! :O
  5. We'll go with that! Unfortunately I think they see me as this common Welsh girl! Haha I think I amuse them because they're all like really posh and I'm just like normal! :P
  6. Yup me too! I'm awful, anyone passing the practise rooms and catch me at the wrong time will be horrified at the language that comes out of my mouth! :P Especially on clarinet, which I like to get perfect! :P
  7. Yay! I know! It really is, I'm trying to learn it at the moment (chucking myself in at the deep end). My version is very slow, with the pedalling in the wrong place and me shouting, 'oh bo****ks if I get something wrong! But I love Debussy! He's such a beaut!
  8. I suppose! Do you play Debussy on piano? I forgot to ask earlier! :P
  9. Oh no! that's saddened me now! :P
  10. Yeah it really is! xD you should try it again! You might find it better now!

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