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  1. Hey, yeah kinda weird huh? I like to think of myself as one, but I'm at least getting there haha. How about yourself? :P
  2. great, thanks for the reply, I think I will try to come to the september open day to have a look around. I just heard worcester have a boating lake which sounds pretty cool.

    My other main query is about the tutorial system. How does a typical History Tutorial go for you and how much work are you set, ie. 1 book to read, 5 books, 10 books? Also the essays you produce in tutorials, are the important for your final grade?
  3. Hi, I just found your profile through blueconstellation. I'm applying to read history and economics at Oxford in October this year and am struggling with college choice. I would really like to know what a oxford student thinks of the colleges.

    On the open day I really liked Merton, Worcester and New - which of those is the nicest in your opinion and why?

    If there is any other general advice you have, I would really appreciate it, I only recently decided to apply and haven't done all of the necessary research yet
  4. It was great - really vibrant because of the Fringe. £16 for Edinburgh castle, though, with no student discount, which I thought was a bit steep.
  5. I've been in Edinburgh for the past few days (woo, Fringe!) but I'm back now
  6. Thank you for your message! Unfortunatly I don't think I'm quite up to Oxford standard, but thank you for your offer x
  7. Thanks! I do have another question about the course. I can't remember where I saw it now, but there was a course on something like quantitative methods in history. What kind of things do you learn in that?

    Thank you again!
  8. Hi! Thank you so much for your replies here and on the Oxford History Thread. They were really useful

    Wow! Niall Ferguson is a fellow at Oxford? The man gets everywhere. Are his views 'wildly free-market'? Economists have a reputation for mostly being right-wing, I guess it's possible the same is true for economic historians :/

    I'm planning to apply for 2013 entry, although I'm also applying for a few gap year work placements (Deloitte's, possibly IBM's) , so if I get those I might defer it. I'm not sure what college I'm applying to, yet. I went to the St Edmunds Hall open day, but then I noticed Pembroke College seems to have more of a reputation for History and Economics. Now I'm thinking I'll apply to straight History if I apply at all, so I'm really not sure.

    Thanks again for your help!
  9. Hi! I thought I might as well write was I was going to say here because, since you go to Oxford, I have something to ask you I wrote a similar question on the Oxford history thread but didn't get a reply. I was thinking of applying for History/History and Economics at Oxford (partly because SJ Gunn lectures there ) but I was kind of put off by, among other things, by the fact that the history modules covered quite wide periods of time and seemed quite general. It seemed like you couldn't study, for example, the Renaissance (yay) without the Reformation (boo). Did you find this annoying? Also, how much economic-ish history was in the history modules? It was hard to tell from the website.

    Yep, I'm applying for mixtures of economic history/history and economics as there aren't really many straight economic history courses. I liked history and economics about equally at AS and after doing some reading on economic history, I wanted to do it at uni. But it's a declining subject. Liverpool and Warwick stopped their undergrad courses for it this year alone. I think they're integrating it more with other sorts of economics or history but its a pain for people on the fence like me.
  10. If you feel that lesser pressure is good for you than that is great. Oxford was a good fit in its emphasis on independent learning, you're also getting a more independent assignment schedule?

    My experiences have left me with a strong sense of the need for independence of mind, hopefully soon of body (in that my health recovers enough to keep myself going).

    Off now, as I am heading to buy Oxford living stuff tomorrow. All a bit strange. I travelled New Zealand early this year but I lived for over three months with little more than my medication, a shirt, a vest, a pen knife and first-aid kit.

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