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  1. Great Scott! You quoted Cicero! I thought it was just me.

    I hear that. I have a pay-as-you-go phone which I bought off of eBay for fifty pounds. I top it up approximately every three months! People spend more than fifty pounds a month on phone contracts for certain new gadgets and whatnot. It almost makes me defecate with shock.

    Well, I own most of the Western Canon and a myriad of other classics, so I'm making my way through those, and have very nearly managed to do so. I'll occasionally opt for a history tome or biography (I'm read the history of France at the moment-- riveting stuff), and Napoleon's biography. I'm an enormous fan of dramatical work and poesy. It seems an almost tragic enthusiasm has come over me. Not many people reach for the sky when they hear the name of Lowell.

    Have your ever read D.H. Lawrence's 'Sons and Lovers'? Arguably one of the greatest classic novels I've ever read. So very real.
  2. In some ways, I guess. I have no attachment to phones, video-games, television sets, expensive media players or anything of the sort, so that alone saves me terribly huge sums of money in contrast to people who do. I buy ridiculous amounts of books, though I deem that a worthy cause! If people stopped to think about the garbage they bought, they'd be 'quids in' most of the time, rather than farting dust. :P
  3. I like your attitude, man. I'd rep you, though I'm currently out.
  4. futuredoc77
    Oh Jeez :facepalm2:

    That was a complete knee jerk reaction to the question though and so exaggerated. :lol:

    My PM's? You mean wall posts? Cause you wouldn't exactly be able to read my PMs. :wink2:

    I know, I love this piece :daydreaming: and many of the others by Yiruma.

    Ich Dien is the source of my music nowadays :flutter: but he didn't like Yiruma. :dry:
  5. futuredoc77
    Awesome. :bigsmile:

    That's slightly worrying :teehee:
  6. futuredoc77

    I hear there's a shortage of Rohypnol too. :ninjagirl:
    I'd rather die comfortably at my own house. :hand:

    When is it anyway? :teehee:
  7. futuredoc77
    Oh is it happening for real? :teehee:

    No, I won't be. :emo: I'm too much of a wuss.
  8. No, it still helped a lot! If it weren't for you I'd be searching through thousands of species, you helped narrowed it down
    You have a great memory! I used to like insects, but now they just give me creeps. Insects, arachnids, anything really with more than 4 legs then *freaking out*. Oh and I didn't know it was 'lepidopterist'. Thanks!
  9. stroppyninja
    Awesome, lots and lots of people are some of them new to climbing? (i don't want to be the worst!). I think i'll stay with my sis in poole for a day or 2 before, that's pretty close, right?
    Are we camping/hostel/bunkhouse? I just bought a ton of climbing gear, so have a lot of rack and stuff, I want to give trad climbing another go - only have about 3 days experience of it, but remember most of the ropes and gear placement
  10. Coolio well it's been confirmed to be in Portland now which Dorset near Weymouth. There are some people coming from Reading, Midlands(me), Portsmouth who can drive so if you can get there then you can have a lift from one of those. Otherwise a train to Weymouth and i'll collect you from there on Sat and drop you off on Sunday.

    At the moment 6 have confirmed and i've had 7 possibles, though some of them will confirm soon I think just waiting on dates etc also had another 3 say if someone is coming from near them then they can so we'll see, but to be fair even with 6-10 it will be a great weekend

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    About me
    Ok, this sounds a bit lame, but I'll try to describe myself.
    My name's Matt, I'm 18, about 5'10" have blue eyes, and haven't found out what to call my hair colour. It's that colour that used to be blonde, but can't justifiably be called brown. My hair is wavy, but turns into a white-man's 'fro when I forget to have it cut for too long.
    I used to be a bit on the skinny side, but I'm finally putting on a bit of weight (I will never be fat). I don't actually know if people ever try to describe their face in this box, but I'll give it a go, just "Fo' Lulz". I am not what you'd describe as handsome, but it looks like my spots are vanishing, and I'm getting a nice tan/glorious sunburn, whoops! I would like to think that it doesn't make babies cry, but then again, I like to think a lot of things.
    Academic Info
    Typical Grammar School student, 4A*, 5A, 2B at GCSE
    4A s at A-levels,
    Medicine re-applicant, Will be 'studying' at UEA next year!
    I've lived on Mersea Island all my life, so naturally I love Sailing, kayaking, windsurfing end all that stuff. (I nearly typed watersports, but having browsed TSR over the years, I think you might get the wrong idea!).
    Climbing. I've done my fair share of indoor walls, and from my few experiences, would love nothing more than to make that big step to real rock.
    I also love going for long walks. No, not the clichéd romantic ones, I mean - jam a good pair of boots on, leave your phone behind, and escape from the World .

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