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  1. Hey, hope you are well! Know you ahve been posting on the climbers meet thread, are you thinking about coming?
  2. Hmm yes. Maybe tis fish who truly decide the destiny of the world... I think we just uncovered the meaning of LOTR
  3. HAHAHA that is brilliant! xD "Orcs.... and so far from Auckland!"
    Yes I'm at the quoting lines just before they come in the films stage
    Silly question but have you seen this one?
  4. I'm afraid I love your location.
  5. choccandy21
    no probs
    and yeah..if only haha
    thanks for the friends request too
  6. stroppyninja
    practise is all i can say for the UKCAT, Do the easy questions first, guess and flag the hard questions. once you getto the end with time left, go back and work on the hard ones & recheck easy ones.
  7. thanks

    yh, Im dreading it...especially wont guess what i got on a practice test lol


    yh pretty crap lol
  8. stroppyninja
    This year I got interviews from Sheffield and UEA, and once I had given up all hope, King's (london) gave me an interview on the 18th April. In truth, I didn't actually visit any of the places I applied to :P I mostly picked them on geographical location, and climbing/kayaking facilities
    I don't know anything about Newcastle and Glasgow, but someone I know went to Leicester, and they had worse grades than you, I'm sure.
    Sheffield helped develop the UKCAT, and so, they love it to bits, even if it is the most stupid, pointless exam that has absoloubtely no relevance to ... anything. I hear glasgow loves UKCAT too, so if you get 700+ you get interview (assuming you have the min grades)
  9. stroppyninja
    My As grades were 4 As, (bio, chem, phys, tech)(A in General studies, and B in crit thinking too, but no unis look at those), so I didn't really have to worry about predicted grades.
    Before you firmly chose which unis to go to, you must do your UKCAT - My first year of applying, I had sheffield and some other one that I forgot, didn't research them that much, and after doing all my ukcat and ucas, I found out that my UKCAT was too low for them. 2 choices wasted. I applied for edinburgh, but found out in the small print that they wanted 5 A*s at GCSE - 3 choickes /4 wasted.
  10. I need apply to unis which dont take into consideration the 4th AS grade, either that or they dont have a minimum grade of B or above for 4th AS. I was checking out a few unis, I have the same problem as you, I dont want to go somewhere too the unis that I have come up with so far are leicester, newcastle, and glasgow(i know its far, but they dont take 4th AS into consideration). And I dont know where to pick for the 4th university. I dont want sheffield because it seems as though they want fantastic GCSE's, which I dont have
    So Im kind of stuck lol
    So just thought if you could help with the last choice, or if you think I need to change one of my choices....tbh the univerisities Iv'e chosen aren't based on my liking to them, its just more for me that they dont take the 4th AS into consideration, and they arent extrememly keen on GCSE's.
    So I have no idea. which universities did you get your 3 interviews from, and what were your AS grades?

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    About me
    Ok, this sounds a bit lame, but I'll try to describe myself.
    My name's Matt, I'm 18, about 5'10" have blue eyes, and haven't found out what to call my hair colour. It's that colour that used to be blonde, but can't justifiably be called brown. My hair is wavy, but turns into a white-man's 'fro when I forget to have it cut for too long.
    I used to be a bit on the skinny side, but I'm finally putting on a bit of weight (I will never be fat). I don't actually know if people ever try to describe their face in this box, but I'll give it a go, just "Fo' Lulz". I am not what you'd describe as handsome, but it looks like my spots are vanishing, and I'm getting a nice tan/glorious sunburn, whoops! I would like to think that it doesn't make babies cry, but then again, I like to think a lot of things.
    Academic Info
    Typical Grammar School student, 4A*, 5A, 2B at GCSE
    4A s at A-levels,
    Medicine re-applicant, Will be 'studying' at UEA next year!
    I've lived on Mersea Island all my life, so naturally I love Sailing, kayaking, windsurfing end all that stuff. (I nearly typed watersports, but having browsed TSR over the years, I think you might get the wrong idea!).
    Climbing. I've done my fair share of indoor walls, and from my few experiences, would love nothing more than to make that big step to real rock.
    I also love going for long walks. No, not the clichéd romantic ones, I mean - jam a good pair of boots on, leave your phone behind, and escape from the World .

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