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  1. I am a law student!
  2. bruv i dont get it? explain..
  3. Thank you for your nice words.

    You are welcome brother. I am here to reply to you and all brothers and I will share you nice topics in Islamic society inshallah.
  4. Hello brother,

    I am happy forever whose voice is muted and fingers are paralyzed for being a Muslim girl and strong debater against evolution and proving The God with logic and science and spirit.
    I never insult a soul or breach a rule.
    I am persecuted from Extremist admin called S-man 10 who banned me for my respectful posts and supported by other admins who deleted my complaint and refused to answer me.

    Will you support me against religion Mafia to regain my free speech like all?

    I am Egyptian with free blood. I am the daughter of our revolution and I will extend my freedom to reach this UK site.
    If you are extremist fighter support me and your friends in this thread:

    "If you are being persecuted for your religion, will you fight or be silent?"

    Happy forever
  5. I accepted it ... and then accidently deleted you :facepalm2:
  6. Not a fan??? :O wtf?????? Yeah but there won't be an alliance mate, the Russians and the Indians are far too close for that to happen.
  7. haha thanks mate, just do a lot of reading on that stuff especially Pakistan. What Pak-Russia alliance lol?? I like your posts as well, do you like cricket?
  8. Black Butler
    what do you work as?
    I work in the opticians - do everything apart from the eye-test including glazing the lenses into the glasses. Mine is part-time. Is yours part-time or full time?
  9. Nah man not at all.. I work in the morning and gym at night which is why I always get on here for a very quick workout update (I have my own fitness blog on here)
    In all honesty I am on bed as I type and about to sleep.I am not ignoring you or anything.. just tired .. but I will reply to you ASAP.

    Been very busy and tomorrow is going to be a long day too
  10. I did pm you ?lol

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