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  1. whoops accidentally sent a friend request! sorry! I clocked on the wrong user profile! haha
  2. farm girl? been a long time how are you?
  3. TobeTheHero
    how long has it been since we spoke last? lol
  4. TobeTheHero
    where have you been ? lol no response
  5. 4mar_ar5en4l
    Lol chill, soz bout me replying late agen jus been really stressed with work and what not
    Yh I actually did no homework in GCSE's and now for a levels, I literally get atleast 3/4 homeworks a day well its better than if they never gave a shiit about ur skwl tho u'll get used to college nyways
    oh tht sounds fun i can imagine it feeling weird tho
    Im doin Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics and Accounting. I knew a few of yours but not properly, so wht u doin?
    Oh kl we talk on this then
  6. yh i mainly play football or badminton but have played every sport there is :cool: how bout u?
    u are kinda cute :yep: u just think the opposite of what everyone else thinks about u :lol:
    and yh it is whats your name?
  7. TobeTheHero
    ermmm..Ive no idea what it sounds like, but you could say it is close to the german accent haha there is a lot of grrrrrr sound in german too!
  8. TobeTheHero
    jokes aside, I'm actually dutch by passport haha I have lived there for most of my life and I then moved to the UK to study at City University London I have been living in London for almost 4 years now
  9. TobeTheHero
    "typical retarded british weather" :rofl: perfect description!

    Nooo... I'm not barack obama haha if I was I wouldn't be wasting my time on TSR - there are far more important issues than satifsfying trolls on TSR like the ECONOMY LOL
  10. i'll be going salford uni doing sport science
    cool, hard and awesome subjects, beauty as well as brains
    u look older though lol, i thought u might have started uni this year too

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