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  1. Hmm true - and rock types suck. I sort of get how water beats them, but grass too? Nothing should be beaten by grass :rolleyes:

    Whatever will I do without your love :P I'm sorry, but I disagree whole-heartedly with totes

    Zombies don't get flying trapezes - that defeats the whole point of being a zombie :erm: you get to shuffle along slowly and seek human flesh. Ah hopefully you'll enjoy it, and you'll be sober enough to at least remember it :yep:
  2. Fancied Gary? Someone needed to get out more besides it was all about Brock. Gary was up himself

    I don't love a male poledancer :erm: eww, totes isn't even a word :rolleyes:

    I wish I had taken up a martial art, never got the opportunity though. Haha you'd never catch me I was off to join the army at one point, went through the officer selection courses and everything I'd be a pro at surviving the end of civilisation Cheeky weekend in Madrid sounds nice. I hope the course is good, try not to get too drunk :P you'll never remember it all
  3. That's the sort of attitude that the rival always has :erm: You're essentially the rival from every pokemon game

    I'll have all the choice - I can't think of any good reason for me to take up those hobbies. Let me stick to my games and my bass and my geeky lifestyle :P

    Nah, man up - find a good weapon (crowbars and machetes) and fight for your humanity! Haha remind me, when you're chasing me down, not to escape up a pole, across a high-wire then from one trapeze to the next. You'll have the advantage :P Ooh going on holiday?
  4. Kittens are cute - well, cuter than electric rats at least and it's about growing as a trainer, and running away from home for a fantastic adventure :P the winning comes after that

    There are actually guys who pole-dance? I'm somewhat surprised :holmes: quit finding reasons for me to do these things >.< I'm too introverted for all this dancing and showmanship

    But I like my brains where they are :erm: besides, if you were a zombie you'd be too slow to catch me why are you team zombie anyway? Ooh what're you doing in Manchester? (hopefully not recruiting zombies)
  5. Thunder stones? thats no fun :P It's not all about strong pokemon and winning :rolleyes: you're far too competitive. Jolteon is lovely really.

    Well, I don't look too fetching in a sports bra so I may have to give pole-dancing a miss :erm: sorry. What does aerial really consist of? Haha I don't know if I fancy being acrobatic - it seems like an awful lot of work :holmes:

    Any excuse to get hold of me :P I don't want my brains eaten :nooo: It's got to be more fun to be a survivor - you'd have to do some travelling though :yep:
  6. Not my fault you had a rubbish Jolteon they're super fast and pretty. Raichu requires having a pikachu - and I'm sick of them after yellow.

    That definitely qualifies as flirting :holmes: I wouldn't even know where to begin with buying pole or aerial clothes :P And I'm not exactly acrobatic unfortunately - may have to give it a miss.

    Eww as if you'd embrace being a zombie - Human+Proud haha
  7. I feel hurt :erm: Growlithe, Cloyster, Machoke, Gengar, Hypno and Jolteon

    Do you enjoy it enough to strip off to your underwear and beyond though? :holmes: that's the question.
    I'll agree with fulfilling and original - I've never done it though. Driving is just a life skill. How will you fare on foot, come the zombie uprising of 2015?
  8. Every time :yep: so which 6 pokemon would you take with you, if you could have any?

    I feel you need a few more backups in there I'm sure you're more than capable of making a living without flashing yourself :erm: I should hope so anyway - you'll set a bad example for your pokemon

    Ah learn to drive it's so much fun, and makes everything easier. I guess if you're happy in a city, you're happy in a city. Doesn't do it for me though :no:
  9. I'll take that maybe as a yes thank you

    Yeh... I can see how stripping would pay more :holmes: is that the best way to progress in life though? not making enough money, take your top off?
    Ah you need a memory palace! it sounds ridiculous, but after discussing everything else we've discussed, it's relatively sane :yep:

    Eww I couldn't live the rest of my life in a city - too loud and grey. Give me a little cottage in the countryside anyday. So much more pleasant :P
  10. There's definitely more to life than winning :yep: thats what makes me a better trainer

    I don't know how well a pole/ariel job pays - but biology might be a better bet :erm: 9 hours of study every day is impressive. I tend to do a few hours, then commit the course to memory :awesome: tends to work. Ah good teachers are hard to come by. There's so many who are good at their subject, but no good at teaching it.

    Haha I know what it's like to live in a scummy town :five: not sure if I should be celebrating that. I can't wait to make some money, go buy a house out in the countryside somewhere

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