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  1. Thanks I hope so! ^^ yup fingers crossed! Have you heard from any of the others?
  2. Aha no worries ahh it musta taken awhile to go that SOAS taster course! I got an offer from SOAS today!
  3. Of course! I live in North London, Edgware yourself?
  4. Oh.. sad times. Hopefully we will both get in! I doubt I will though, LSE are notorious wanting good GCSEs and mine aren't really up to their standard ^^; aha at least we have offers (well I have one offer) that we can go to uni even if the others reject us
  5. I know, that was strange haha =P Really? At first I thought it was one of those leaflets asking me to go to an open day.. ^^; Sussex and LSE still haven't got anything back to me grrr!
  6. Aha I don't expect you to! I was kinda falling asleep in the History of Art and History lectures.. xD it's not even that they were that boring.. just tired x__x I just got my SOAS and Goldsmiths acknowledgement today ^.^ though Goldsmiths sent me like a card or something o.o not an email..
  7. It's unrealistically Oxford but then a tie between SOAS and LSE. I'm not sure yet
    What about you? I do wish I applied to St.A instead of birmingham sometimes ^^
  8. Scottish Unis also discriminate somewhat against English students x__x good luck though! What seriously? I went to the taster course too! I was one of two or three asian guys xD
  9. Thanks! Aha awesome, my UCAS only got processed on Thursday last week so s'all cool maybe we shall meet at some point! =P I thought about that too, but I didn't wanna go to Scotland.. the weather's not for me!

    Good luck to you too! My first choice will either be SOAS or LSE.. I'm probably leaning more towards SOAS though ^^; yourself?
  10. Oh my gosh, same! I was expecting a rejection from LSE too but hahaha, thankfully not!
    I've applied to SOAS, LSE, UCL, Oxford and Birmingham. Yourself, where have you applied?

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