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  1. Well, thats the usual rhetoric, trying to warn for something and the one who warns, or speaks the truth, is a racist, xenophobe or Islamophobe. I guess Non-religious have less rights on this forum .
  2. haha, been warned too for "Religious hatred"
  3. Hello

    Islam is the only religion / ideology that gets you into trouble when you speak the truth about it.
    I don`t know what moderator it was, maybe you should open a thread about it at the ask a moderator forum ?
  4. what religion do you follow

    just curious
  5. You are J00?
  6. You are only allowed to perform Taqqiyah if you are in a position where your life is in danger, whether it be mentally or physically.
  7. Just out of curiosity, why is the majority of posts (I'm not sure if it is the majority but every post I see from you) an attack upon Islam?

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