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  1. Sorry buddy but he got the wrong guy, I know nothing of Keto diets, other than I'll probably struggle to do one.
    Good luck with it, let me know if it works for you.
  2. zing.
  3. teen misc ------->
  4. Bleach has taken a down turn after the whole Aizen defeat being just a little bit crap.

    Full Metal Alchemist is on my list of ones to read, as suggested by a friend. Personally i think the current Naruto storyline is good but is going to be/has to be slow, in manga terms, to depict a whole ninja war, introduce over 10 new characters(and bring back many many dead ones), show advancing storyline for all major characters, build up on recently introduced characters whilst all the readers are asking: What is Kabutos other secret technique? Who is in the last coffin? And is Haku really a hermaphrodite?

    All that in 20 pages a week is really quite something.
  5. BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

    LOL, well not all mangas are for everyone. I think one piece is **** but it didn't stop it becoming one of the most popular (i use the same argument about justin bieber).

    anyway im a true Naruto fan at heart.
  6. hai
  7. She just couldn't handle the aesthetics, ignore her, she's crazy. lol.
  8. Rate my four day split:

    Mon: Legs/Abs
    Tuesday: Chest/Tri
    Thursday: Back/Shoulders
    Friday:Bicep ... ?
  9. calamitysarah
    kate.. :s
  10. calamitysarah
    didn't think i knew anyone that was a health and fitness addict.
    oh well.

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