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  1. hey! I saw you were situated at the Cranborne house. I was hoping, maybe, if it isn't too much trouble, maybe you could send me some of the pros and cons which you've thought of by now. I'm probably coming to BU this September, but I probably can't come to open days so any information really would be helpful. About the whole school and/or city itself!

    Also, if you happen to have any pictures of the house or something and you have some free time on your hands - I wouldn't mind that either

    if you could be bother to answer any of these questions, i'd be soooo grateful
  2. Hey :hello:

    Finally gotten myself on to the myfitnesspal and added you as a friend

    But I only have the meal for today at the moment but it will give you a rough idea of how I eat most of the time. I am going to post consistently after this for 4 weeks. I called this 4 weeks 'Lean Week' I hope I could be as consistent as you. You're very consistent and dedicated mate :cool:

    Thank you so much for the encouragement before this. You have been a good help
  3. Mate thanks for the support. I would +rep you but TSR is not letting me

    I'm a bit down at the moment. Was having a really downer day today - probably because of studies. Need to report to the supervisor this Thursday and have classes on Wed and Thursday as well =/

    Went to do some press-ups just now; feel a bit better after doing that. I think I know now how to do more press-ups - ignore the things that keep me down, and focus!

    Owh, and I'm starting to have my breakfast now. I think I eat lesser during lunch time if I have my breakfast.

    How are you?
  4. Hey Jamie :hello:

    Mate I'm so sorry but I haven't inserted the data in MFP yet Have been very busy doing some work here and there =( I would let you know as soon as I update the data, aite?

    I'm bogged down with the research work that my diet is going nowhere this week :sad: - yesterday I ate lots of tuna sandwiches (has onions, tuna, some butter and some greens inside); 5+ slices for breakfast and 5+ slices for lunch. The sandwiches look like this. And at that night, I was craving for some crisps; ate that as well :cry:

    Something's wrong with my body this week =( It seems that it's getting tired quickly these days; probably it's the research work I'm doing =/

    I think this week I'm going to take a time off from the heavy exercises because I think my body needs rest - have been working for 2 weeks straight or I'm just weak . I would be doing normal exercises e.g. cardio. But I will continue back next week for sure.

    But in a good news, I fit in my old pants back today :woo:

    Also, I bought the scale (wanted to snap a pic to show it to you - but don't know if you want to see that lol )

    I also bought myself one of those iron gym and as well as a rotating press-up bar. Can't wait to try them properly But I did try the iron gym on my door; I heard a cracking sound coming from the door frame :eek4:

    What have you been up to?
  5. I'll send it to you once I put all the things properly. I want to put all the data as accurately as possible

    Thanks! I'm going to buy one tomorrow
  6. I think I need to buy one of those small kitchen scale so that I can weigh my food. I find it a bit inaccurate to key in the food I take on the myfitnesspal system by approximating the weight of the food; I might approximate it wrongly lol.
  7. After a week of careful eating and exercising, I lost only 1kg =/
  8. Didn't have breakfast today but had Spaghetti Bolognese with ginger bread and a Mushroom soup for lunch. Ate that at a restaurant because had to treat a friend since she helped me out with something; so we went to Pizza Hut. Thank goodness I didn't order a pizza!

    And for snack, had some tofu with some portion of beef stew.

    Feeling a bit meh =/
  9. I didn't eat the burger!

    I feel :cool:

  10. I'm craving for a burger! Owh, noez!!

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