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  1. hi the ultimateproof,do you still go to LSE??
  2. Hi I an A level student studying physics. You posted tips for revising physics, I don’t understand one part; can you explain this to me please:

    ' 3 ) Assemble prompts and answer. This is my most effective and efficient way of learning. Once I have many pages of notes accumulated from my time studying, to revise I would build a small booklet with questions and answer in. This covered the main points of the theory. Re-trying the questions which covered the main points, testing myself until the answers stayed in my head and highlighting and going over the ones I tended to keep forgetting until I memorised them.
    I add to this as I do past paper questions, around 1 month from the exam date putting emphasis on my mistakes.'

  3. Hi I was searching some threads and found that you got into actuarial science. Congratulations I just wanted advice because my subject combination is Further Maths, Maths and Economics. I'm predicted A*s for them with the A* in maths already achieved, but I'm scared that my subject combination may be too narrow for the actuarial science course at LSE. I got an A in physics AS but dropped it because I found it extremely hard. I also dropped critical thinking because... well its critical thinking. What do you think?
  4. what subjects did you take for A levels?
  5. Great, thank you so much!

    Good luck with your exams!
  6. That's awesome... could you point me to where I could find out more about this year 13 internship? Everything I find is either for school leavers or graduates.
  7. Hey, I am a prospective Maths&Econ student at pretty much all the uni's you got an offer for!! If you dont mind me asking, did you find it a pain when declaring your GCSEs? They undoubtedly put more emphasis on your strong AS Levels - do you think this was solely down to your personal statement, and what extra curriculars/work exp. do you have?

    Apologies for the questions but it would really help me out.

    Congrats on the offers and good luck this month!!
  8. TheUltimateProof
    Sounds like you're doing great. Fingers crossed we'll both be in Cambridge talking about our interns and what we're gonna do in the next few years.
  9. thats good to hear.....yh I feel my step prep is going good as well.....Im just going over III content and doing III questions alongside with few II ones that I havent done. I did 1999 and 2002 and 2010 II in exam conditions and those went well I reckon....I think I just need to brush up bit more on speed and strategy.

    under 2 months now until II lol
  10. its for 5 weeks....start like 2 days before results day. Thanks for the advice you gave tbh the interview was very easy- not as hard as the first interview I had.....anyways how is STEP going?

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