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  1. paperclip345,

    I'm Mustafa. I was also at Oriel for the Law interview last month... and like you, that was the last I will probably ever see of Oxford!

    Did I see you there?

    When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you or you can let it strengthen you.

    I say strengthen!
  2. Thank you! I'm thrilled and now slightly more relaxed about January 8th (although I'm still terrified).
  3. Please check the Biology thread - I've replied ... Thanks :cool:
  4. Hey
    I've been having the same problem, he's definitely the least favourite out of all of the texts I am studying. However, I often find that he seems quite difficult to fit into section B in comparison to all of the other texts, so I think I might end up having to use him for section A, possibly. :/ Just make sure you know all of his poems inside out, such as chronology, rhythm, rhyme etc...also, I've got a few quotes from critics that I might try and wedge into my A part 2 question to show wider reading if I can manage it haha, but apart from that I unfortunately do not have much advice! :/ How are you approaching it?
  5. £3000!? that's crazy, I applied to Birmingham, Cardiff, East Anglia, Brunel and Hull
    Yeah go, I'm sure you wont be disappointed.
  6. Hey, I couldn't recomend the PreLaw course at UCL more. It's run by practising Solicitors and Barristers. you learn about courts and core modules which will prepare you for university. I remember practicing legal ethical dilemmas and being a pretend Barrister in a mock trial discussing whether capital punishment brings the state down to the same level as the murderer. - It just opened my eyes to what Law really is, and motivated me even more to study it at uni. It's also excellent to put on your personal statement - I really spoke about it a lot, I think it was one of my main reasons of getting all 5 offers within two weeks haha. They also tell you what life is like as a solicitor/barrister - they explain the different ways of going into a legal career, and what each year at uni consists of. Oh, they also have a session on helping you prepare a legal personal statement which was useful. I think they have a website where they say all the things the course involves.
    all the best though
  7. hello paperclip :P

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