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  1. Farwa
    i didnt either
    got a bit confused with what i was saying but said it in the end anyway

    i love it too and realllllyyy want to get in

    good luck and thank you

    hope we do get a place and end up meeting in some pbl class
  2. Farwa
    oh good stuff
    is glasgow your first choice?
    i would say about 50% too but i dont know for sure i dont want to jinx it
    but good luck hope i get in its my first choice

    i think they were trying to cut me off and tried challenging my opinion too often but i guess they were trying to see if i could handle pressure
  3. Farwa
    lol well i did see her filling up a few circles but tried not to count because i was concentrating on answering the questions ... it was really tempting but i did see her shading like 5 times but then i stopped looking because i was getting distracted lol
    do you have an interview soon?
  4. Ah sorry! I read what you had said wrong and thought you said that would be you reapplying for a third year lol!! It looks more likely i'm going to have to reapply because i just got my second rejection there from st andrews!
  5. Yeah it must be really hard for you as a reapplicant, like the possibly of getting four rejections must suck! I think what i'm going to do is if i get four rejections i'll accept my anatomy offer and then in july i'll sit the ukcat again and if i do really well i'll then cancel my anatomy place and take a gap year, if not i'll stick in at anatomy and then go on to do midwifery after that yeah the thought of a gap year seems scary! But i am sure you will get a place somewhere this year
  6. I know I saw that! Glasgow was the med school i had always dreamed of going to but due to the disaster that was my ukcat, I could no longer apply because i'd get rejected. So i had to weigh up my options and decided i would have a better chance at dundee. But they rejected me anyway so i might have well applied to glasgow instead! Thanks and you too same, I heard that you pretty much have to have won a gold medal in the olympics or something to get a place there, so my chances are very low! But there's always hope
  7. Hahaha exactly :P wow good luck I heard they can be quite harsh :O I have heard nothing back from my other three: st Andrews, aberdeen and edinburgh! Edinburgh is my first choice so I hope so much they give me an offer I highly doubt it though, especially with the rise in candidates this year :/ :L and with the other two, they interview up to march so I'm not too bothered
  8. Hey, yeah i heard back yesterday and was also rejected! Sorry about your rejection! I'm quite gutted. They waited a long time to give me the big fat rejection. LOL :L have you heard back from any of your other uni's ?
  9. No, not seriously.. I managed to guess your project and then pretend it's mine.... xD
    BE CAREFUL with it. Mine nearly blew up.

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    I prefer to be called 'Ruler of All That is Evil', but I will answer to Satan.
    I prefer to be called 'Ruler of All That is Evil', but I will answer to Satan.

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