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  1. Pandora.
    Aw haha, I've made that mistake quite a bit

    Neither has mine, I haven't got a clue where my school are at the moment. I like lots of periods of history. Early modern / medieval was always my favourite, but I like Cold War stuff too. Yeah, it's weird at times how society is so different and yet the fundamental things are still the same.
  2. No wonder you hadn't replied to me- I had posted it on my own wall!

    Our school want us to get ours in ASAP. My tutor hasn't even wrote my reference yet! Are you interested in early history? That's always been my least favourite, but I suppose it is interesting to see how society was massively different back then. I think I would enjoy it if I gave it a chance.
  3. Where are you applying? What modules were you going to do? I was considering History and English at a few places, but then I realized that I actually hate analyzing books and poetry. I can do it, but I just hate it. I always feel like I'm just making stuff up.

    Why can't we be in Year 7 again?!
  4. It was a decision that I made a while ago, I just haven't been on TSR.

    I'm going to do Law. I changed from History because wherever I looked, I didn't find the selection of modules appealing. I'm sure I would've loved it if I actually studied them though.

    It's a tough decision. I'm too young for it!
  5. Not going to do History at uni anymore.

    I'm going to miss it
  6. Ahh thank you! The subscription I have now is only 2 weeks long so I'll decide afterwards Thank you!
  7. Hey I just want to ask a quick question! I'm thinking about subscribing to this site but I don't know how too. I remember giving in some essays that I've written to some other revision website through TSR (I don't remember the name) and I gained 200 credits. I was about to give in some more until I realised that the credit system doesn't exist anymore. Can you help? Thanks
  8. thanks for the rep :_)
  9. Don't mention it, I aim to entertain :P

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