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  1. Are you a girl or a guy?! :eek:
  2. Just being random, hehe
  3. I can see that you're idle. Hehe
  4. Holy crap you're a guy! :eek:
  5. Thanks! :woo:
  6. Thank you for the rep! I've repped you in return.
  7. :blush: I'll definitely try my best anyway! That's good. I remember that very well. You will be able to do to! Never stress - just prepare. Currently in the same position. Finals start in 4 days and I don't feel prepared yet. Not even scared about them yet which is concerning.

    How many do you have?
  8. Thank you :hugs: How's things with you?
  9. aww I think most uni's accept health and social care instead of a levels, im actually quite excited tbh
  10. Unfortunately not I got an allergic reaction to an ingredient in dark hair colours and my face was swollen and I was hospitalised so I wasn't allowed to continue with it. I'm going to do the Level 3 in health and social care and A Level English language & literature (the combined one) and I haven't decided on the final A level option yet haha. I'm pretty sure I want to go to uni though to do nursing x

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