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  1. You need to delete some of your saved messages, I can't PM you until you make some space! :P

    Hope the mock went ok today!

    Yeah, Da Vinci, some other painters and sculptors, but also alchemists, navigators, explorers, architects..."art" is a very broad term in the Renaissance (as I've learnt!).

    Shakespeare can be considered as coming right at the end of the Renaissance, and a character from Henry IV (one of his history plays) was referenced in my last lecture!
  2. Hey there!

    I read your thread about wanting to go to med school but not having the A levels that are required.

    Have you ever considered studying outside of the UK?
    I'll be applying to Charles University (which includes four medicine faculties: 3 in Prague and one in Pilsen... I think there's actually another one, not quite sure).
    Charles University does not take into account your highschool diploma (as long as you do actually have one) and your admission is based on an admission exam (Chemistry, Physics and Biology).

    I'll leave you some website links:
    First Faculty of Medicine:

    Second Faculty of Medicine:

    Third Faculty of Medicine:

    Pilsen Faculty:

    Hope this is useful.

    Good luck!
  3. What about you?
  4. I have applied to St John's
  5. That's fine, glad I could help out , it's often the case that at start of the year is far harder than the rest of the year, especially in terms of History and things clicking together! I also think you'll be fine in terms of predicted grades, I didn't even end up with an A* in History, and I'm still going to Oxford to study it! However, I did end up exceeding my predicted grades, they're not that important compared to other parts of your application really, as long as you meet the requirements. Good luck!
  6. Yeah sure, my predicted grades were A*AA in English lit., History and RS
  7. Roshniroxy
    Hey does anyone know of any really interesting university courses available for having done chemistry physics and mathematics at A Level? Finding it really difficult to find a suitable career path =/
  8. Mmm... I did have a very nice cumene. Thank YOU.
  9. Yes thank you! I have offers from Exeter, Royal Holloway (University of London) and the University of East Anglia! Still waiting on some places too hope all is going well for you,
  10. Hows it going with the history?

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