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  1. Your posts about TSR :coma:
  2. Dear Kiss,

    I'm extremely sorry for calling you a "cry baby" and doubly sorry if you feel hurt, considering you are a little too sensitive

  3. Did you know that there is a place on each male that when sucked will give them instant pleasure and eventual orgasm? :sexface:

    A few factors. I put forward a case to dismiss one of my blues which was valid and would in turn de-escalate a yellow and in turn in turn a red and in turn in turn in turn, a black :lol:
    The 'protest' thread was taken into AAM rather than the recycle bin and I think that paired with a mod consensus allowed the ban to be dropped
    It is definitely a 'benefit of the doubt' basis, according to the team. I mean, I derail threads and make stupid comments/ridiculous chat up lines etc but I think they agreed that I'm hardly a nuisance to the site :dontknow:
  4. I'm pretty sure it was you who repped PermaBanOccam
    If so, :hat2:
  5. Yes indeed
  6. Cheers for the reeeeeep
  7. lol, you went in.
  8. You have seamlessly gone from entertaining me during my days of unemployment/pretending to be a student, to entertaining me during my lunch break/when I can't be arsed at work.

    Many thanks, and congrats on the 10 warning points :love:
  9. lonely goatherd doesn't even know your ass exists.
  10. Thanks for the rep!

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