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  1. Hey just wondering if you had heard the outcome from your pre reg interviews yet?
  2. Hi There! This is Navi. I applied for MPHARM program at different universities in UK this year including Brighton and received an unconditional offer recently. I was wondering what's the typical term is like there for pharmacy students. Is it the same as Canada where u write your midterms throughout the 4 months term and finals at the end? When do you summer and winter breaks and how long are they? How are the assessments done.. assignments/exams/quizzes/presentations? Also, would you have any idea about MPharm program at Liverpool,Wolverhampton and Aston and how are they like compared to Brighton? How many Canadian students do you have in Pharmacy there? Also, are you able to work in UK as a pharmacist as a Canadian? Thanks!! Sorry about the amount of questions there
  3.'s third year treating you?
  4. Hello! Thanks for asking! Pharmacy is good. But it would be super awesome if found a part time job in pharmacy/related field.

    How about you? Hows second year treating you? Btw, could you please PM in the I had no idea you about your visitor message.

  5. Hey Andrew, thanks for the help. I was wondering if you could give me a break down of what the weekly timetables are like in the first year at Brighton? As you said you were exempt from the o-chem classes, but what kind of hours were you working etc?
  6. Hi!!

    Sorry for the late reply. I dont come on often, but yes ive firmed Brighton and I put Medway as insurance. Would love to continue to keep in contact with you till then!!
  7. I'm 21. Born in 1989 so I'll be turning 22 this year. Yourself?
    I am planning on registering here to keep the door open before going back to Canada. Great minds think alike eh! If I get offered a job after pre-reg, I'll work here for a couple of years then go back.
    What are your plans for the summer? Are you staying for a placement? I applied everywhere but got rejected (not surprised since I'm only a 1st year). It's okay though, I want to go home for the summer I'll try harder next year.
  8. I am finding 1st year pretty easy. Most of material is review. I've heard from upper years that things start to pile on but I am sure I can handle it ! I'm really liking the course so I can't wait until I learn more applicable knowledge.

    What area in Toronto do you live in? I'm near the Shops at Don Mills.
  9. Hahah ! I will probably go back to Toronto eventually as well. There are 2 people in my course from Toronto as well but I don't really talk to them. One of them is weird and the other I haven't met yet. It's always good to meet a fellow Torontonian. Anyways, I should get back to studying or "revising". Good luck on your exams !
  10. Hey there. I just saw your post about going back to Canada after studying in the UK. I'm a 1st year MPharm student at Manchester from Toronto. I went to UWO / Seneca before coming to the UK. I will probably complete my pre-reg here but haven't decided if I want to go back to Canada after. How about you ?

    p.s. I have the same name as you and welcome to TSR !

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