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  1. Hey! Just wondering whether the negotiation worked with Durham? Thanks
  2. student1234567891
    ah brilliant, got mine on the 7th yeah i know, i'm in shock if i'm honest! thought i had no chance, and also no chance of getting one of the first offers! so chuffed nope, but hopefully St Mary's will take me, what about you?
  3. Yes I got an offer yesterday! well done on yours aswell, so glad I didn't end up waiting untill after January lol. Have you had your college confirmed yet?
  4. hehe lets just say I don't want to ever think about my statement ever again, i thought it was going to be the death of me hopefully yours went well Yes I will let you know if I get an offer
  5. Awesome! hopefully mine will go on Thursday or Friday... scary stuff. Yeah given the competition I think I'll be getting a Durham rejection :P either way its gonna be a long horrible wait haha Good Luck with your application anyways
  6. Hey there, sent my application today! (though it won't go till ucas untill my reference has been added ) Have you sent yours yet? I decided on Aiden's in the end btw
  7. student1234567891
    oh i see! fair dos, ahh trust them on this this is an obligation and they will most likely want to help you
  8. Lol well I'm an atheist hence why no praying :P I have no idea when Im gonna pay but hopefully my teachers will have done my reference so i can send it off at the start of October. Bit worried they wont though cos some of my teachers never do anything on time
  9. yeah I guess lol hope yes, pray no. When abouts are you planning to send your application off? My head of sixth keeps saying I should do it ASAP but I don't suppose it really matters as long as its in for the 15th october deadline :P
  10. What do they mean by justify my a level choices? I'm doing all science/maths A levels and am applying for natural sciences... lol. My head of sixth is a bit confused by Durham cos they seem to reject amazing candidates from our school for no particular reason .

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