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  1. I thought you were suspiciously smart..
    What city do you live in?
  2. Omg u got 100/100? Do u go to a private sixth form?
    Nd ahaaaaa yh im happy but not that happy i want a higher overall mark!
  3. Thanks. I underperformed left, i knew straight afta the exam! And awww I hope you get a higher grade! Do u want to do it at uni?
    ..because the only reason i got an A is becuz of strong unit 1s, i want stronger A's!
  4. Wow, congrats!
    These units went aweful for me hist-c, politics-b (was surprisd expectin a D/E), RS-b and eng-C. Overall As grade is History A, Politics A, RS C & Eng C. Going to resit unit 2 history and pol and unit 1 RS.
  5. Heyyy
    How were your results?
  6. Thankssss.. you, too.
  7. 1 A*, 3 A's, 5B's and 1 C.
    Tbh I'm not too worried, resittings a bit of a hassle, but oh well!
  8. Woah.. u mustve got amazing GCSEs then.. i felt aweful, ifinished my exams for all subjects like 1min after tge invigulator told us to put our pens dwn.. in my history exam i had an argument with the invigulator bcuz she neva let me fin my sentence! Then again even if i do good in an exam i always think Ive done rubbish.
  9. student1234567891
    well you proved them wrong! in jan how did you feel after the exams, did you feel bad or good? im predicted AAAA excluding gen studies
  10. DDDD, based on GCSEs (which imo were quite good) but in my Unit 1 exams i got AAC (resittin C in Jan) u?

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