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  1. just looking at the start of your 2013 oxford thread, some meanies out there eh!
    talking of which, what are you applying for and how are you getting on?x
  2. get ya tities out for teh lads
  3. Oh, right, haha! I will check him out to see if I can establish what girls saw in him. I know the romantic poet always appeals.
  4. Sure, I'm certain Lord B was a high achiever and real poet; Charlie is just a prime example of spoiled baby syndrome.
  5. Well I think he looks a bit like some ludicrous 18th-century throwback - like someone conciously trying to be a young Lord Byron or something. I wonder if he dreamed up his whole riot persona as a sort of deranged PR bid - can't imagine that he's satisfied merely with being rich, he wants fame for doing precious little as well. What a total waste of space!

    The girl date in that article seem quite nice and obviously a bit wierded-out by him!
  6. I think he made up the bit about not knowing what the Cenotaph was, part of his "idiot drug addict" defence - he also claimed he was on drugs at the time, something denied by people who know him.

    This may amuse.

  7. I love them to! Almost worship them.

    I think Charlie is a little strange - his Dad was a very bizarre man who himself was in and out of prison. However, he is also an incredibly spoiled brat who clearly thinks he can do exactly as he pleases - he may now be realising this is not in fact the case.

    His parents must have some of the responsibility, they seem to be taking the usual approach so prevailing these days of saying it's all someone else's fault. Alas, I don't think Charlie is going to face any sanction at home.

    Did you see that he has been doing modelling whilst at college and appears to spend little time studying?
  8. Amused to see you are in the Pink Floyd Society despite your comments about Charlie! I guess he has rather let his adoptive Dad down - shame as Gilmour senior is rather a remarkable man in many ways.
  9. Several. Why?
  10. Aye, a celebrity gossip blog called 'Oh No They Didn't!'

    Look at the comments, the avatars on there are brilliant :shh:

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